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Telkomsel Orbit is getting more and more popular with the public, here’s the proof

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We all know that Telkomsel made a breakthrough by launching a home internet service, or what we know as Telkomsel Orbit in July 2020. This service solution continues to provide value-added digital experiences for all levels of society in the country.

Not a few doubt that Telkomsel Orbit can also meet the needs of the digital lifestyle of the Indonesian people during their activities at home, especially supporting the adaptation of new habits during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Trust from the public during 2021 continued to grow along with a significant increase in the number of users up to 10 times compared to the previous year. This is driven by the consistency of Telkomsel Orbit in presenting a variety of service innovations.

Not only developing features and bigger quota packages in the MyOrbit application, Telkomsel Orbit also adds more affordable modem options. In addition, Telkomsel Orbit has also expanded the ease of accessing sales channels, both online and offline.

“The achievements throughout 2021 show our commitment and focus on developing Telkomsel Orbit to continue to innovate by prioritizing the principle of customer-centricity in providing digital experiences that add value to customers,” said Arief Pradetya, Head of Home LTE Project Telkomsel.

Telkomsel Orbit presents a different home internet concept, namely through instant activation features, prepaid schemes without monthly subscription fees, easy setup via mobile applications, and can be used anywhere with the support of Telkomsel’s prime quality 4G/LTE network.

The year 2021 will be a significant acceleration moment for Telkomsel Orbit’s growth, where the number of Telkomsel Orbit subscribers grows up to 10 times, this growth also encourages an increase in data service traffic from Telkomsel Orbit users which soars up to 5 times.

Currently, Telkomsel Orbit has been trusted by more than 380,000 customers throughout Indonesia. This makes Telkomsel Orbit the Outstanding Omni Performance for Home Internet in Marketeers Omni Brand of The Year 2021, as well as entering the top 4 brands of home internet service providers in terms of the number of customers in the retail segment.

Telkomsel Orbit during 2021 has also presented more diverse and more affordable modem variants to choose from according to customer needs, such as the Orbit Star A1, Star Lite, Star 2, Star 3 variants with prices starting at IDR 479 thousand and the Orbit Pro and Pro 2 modem variants starting at IDR 1 ,1 million.

There is also the highest variant of Orbit Max starting at IDR 2.2 million, as well as the latest modem variant that already uses 5G technology, namely Orbit Ultra 5G and Orbit Turbo 5G with promo prices starting at IDR 5.3 million. All of these modems are equipped with a data quota package of up to 150GB for 6 months for the 4G modem and 200GB for the 5G modem.

Telkomsel Orbit continues to provide sales channel expansion and additional payment channel options, in order to make it easier for all customers. On the online channel, Telkomsel Orbit can be obtained through the official Orbit website, MyOrbit & Telkomsel Official Store at a number of well-known e-commerce sites.

Then on offline channels, Telkomsel Orbit products can be obtained at GraPARI Telkomsel, Erafone, retail outlets for technology needs (gadgets, cellphones, SIM cards and vouchers), as well as through integrated sales forces from Telkom Indihome and Telkomsel.

In addition, Telkomsel Orbit also provides cardless installment payment options through Akulaku and special promos with a 0% installment scheme using BCA, BNI and Mandiri credit cards. Further information about Telkomsel Orbit products and services can be accessed through

Arief further added, entering the beginning of 2022, Telkomsel Orbit will present various new initiatives in order to continue to improve the customer and community experience in obtaining home internet service solutions with leading digital connectivity.

Some of these initiatives include launching modem variants with increasingly affordable data packages, various attractive promos such as bundling Telkomsel Orbit 5G with Android TV Box, developing postpaid scheme options, to collaboration products with Telkom Indihome.

“Through Telkomsel Orbit, we hope to provide more convenience for customers to be able to maximize their various digital activities even if they have to come from home. Telkomsel Orbit will also further position itself as a ‘new engine of growth’ which further strengthens Telkomsel’s commitment,” said Arief.

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