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Take a peek at the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S22+

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PBK Reviews shows the process of disassembling the Samsung Galaxy S22+ which is considered quite impressive because it is not too difficult to do.

PBK Reviews just uploaded a video revealing the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G when it was disassembled. Smartphone It was launched last February 9, along with 2 other variants, namely the Galaxy S22 5G and S22 Ultra 5G that support the S Pen.

The Galaxy S22+ 5G disassembly video is about 9 minutes long. The video shows the step-by-step disassembly process, along with a narrator providing guidance.

The first thing to do is to remove the back panel from the adhesive. In this process, the camera housing is removed along with the back plate as a single unit.

A total of 20 screws had to be removed to reveal the inside of the phone, after carefully removing the NFC and wireless charging coil.

The battery cable must be unplugged to be able to move on to the next process, namely discharge motherboard Galaxy S22+. The battery is removed with isopropyl alcohol after extraction of the other boards.

Reported from Gizmochina (16/2), the use of alcohol is intended to stretch the adhesive holding the component in place. Two additional antennas compatible with mmWave 5G signals will be visible after this stage release.

On the other hand, disassembly on the screen is done a bit smoother than the previous Samsung Galaxy and can separate after applying heat to the screen.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ gets an improvement score of 7.5/10 which is pretty impressive. This indicates the device or its parts can be disassembled more easily than other models such as their lower-scoring predecessors.

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