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realme X NG Indonesia Proves “Low Light” Photos from realme 9 Pro+ Camera

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realme collaborated with National Geographic Indonesia to present the Nawa Cahaya program: Capture The Unique Lights in Indonesia. This program is also a proof of the quality of the realme 9 Pro+ flagship camera, especially when capturing moments in various light conditions, one of which is low light.

Nawa Cahaya itself means nine lights, which represent nine destinations that have unique light from west to east of Indonesia, including the Ciwidey White Crater in West Java; Ijen Crater, Kayangan Api, and Toroan Waterfall in East Java; Diamond Caves in Central Sulawesi; Behind the Mountain Beach on Pulau Weh, Aceh; Lake Kelimutu in East Nusa Tenggara; Jomblang Cave in the Special Region of Yogyakarta; and Lake Semayang in East Kalimantan.

National Geographic Indonesia photographers visited nine destinations to capture unique light portraits using the realme 9 Pro+. There were eight professional photographers who participated in this program and at the same time tested the realme 9 Pro+ camera, namely Didi Kaspi Kasim, Rendra Kurnia, R. Berto Wedhatama, Josua Marunduh, Azwar Ipank, Valentino Luis, Dwi Oblo, and Budiono

“Through this journey, realme invites young people to dare to conquer challenges, penetrate boundaries and explore infinite destinations to photograph light in the dark,” said Palson Yi, Marketing Director of realme Indonesia.

Explaining further, Palson also said that together with these professional photographers, realme tested the limits of smartphones, conquering and capturing natural light portraits in Indonesia. No kidding, the device used is only the realme 9 Pro +, the flagship in the mid-range

realme 9 Pro Series was deliberately created to meet the needs of young Indonesians in capturing light through the flagship camera owned by this smartphone. realme 9 Pro+ comes with Sony IMX766 flagship camera sensor support which is equipped with OIS.

Now! For those of you who are interested in seeing the photos from the Nawa Cahaya trip: Capture the Unique Lights in Indonesia together with eight photographers using the realme 9 Pro+, you can directly visit the link

realme Camera Lab Virtual Experience: realme 9 Pro+

To prove the performance of the realme 9 Pro+ flagship camera in low light conditions, realme also presents a virtual experience for a full 24 hours on February 7, 2022. Here, realme wants to show the performance of Sony IMX766 + OIS on the realme 9 Pro+.

Sony IMX766 itself has a larger sensor size than the previous series, Sony IMX689. With a larger sensor size, the incoming light intake becomes more and accommodates a higher megapixel count.

That way, the realme 9 Pro+ camera is not only able to produce brighter low light photos, but also sharper ones. In addition, the resulting photo is also able to provide detail in every smallest part of a photo. Obviously, this is the answer from realme regarding the resulting night photos.

Meanwhile, this flagship class sensor is also more leverage on the use of the basic HDR algorithm. In low light conditions, this sensor is able to correct the white balance better than the previous sensor which tends to make photos look more yellow.

The photo below was taken under 100 lux (a unit of light brightness). In this photo, you can see how the results of the realme 9 Pro + camera are brighter than other flagship smartphones. When enlarged, the photo also looks clearer with a better level of sharpness.

Disclaimer: Smartphones that use the Sony IMX766 are only Xiaomi 12, while the Google Pixel 6 and Xiaomi 12 are not yet available in the Indonesian market.

To find out firsthand how the low light photo quality compares from the four flagship smartphones, please visit the link on February 7, 2022, from 00:00 WIB to 23:59 WIB.

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