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realme 9 Pro+ comes with Sony IMX766 . sensor

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realme will soon launch the realme 9 Pro+, the first mid-range smartphone to use the Sony IMX766 plus sensor with OIS technology.

realme will launch lineup soon mid-range smartphone their latest in a few days. What’s interesting, one of the smartphone The newest in the lineup is mid-range smartphone the first to use a class Sony sensor flagship.

Yes, smartphone it is realme 9 Pro+, where so mid-range smartphone first to use camera sensor flagship Sony, namely IMX766. And not to forget, there is also an OIS feature as a complement.

As is known, the Sony IMX766 has a larger sensor size than the previous series, namely IMX689. With a larger sensor size, the incoming light intake becomes more and allows a higher megapixel count.

By using a larger sensor, the realme 9 Pro+ camera is able to produce photos low light brighter, sharper and provide detail in every smallest part of a photo.

It doesn’t stop there, realme 9 Pro + is also supported by technology AI Noise Reduction Engine 3.0 which allows users to be able to take photos in low light conditions more clearly and minimally noise.

We had a chance to taste the power of the camera smartphone this is at night condition, before smartphone it really slid into the Indonesian market. Here are the photos from the realme 9 Pro+:

This photo was taken at night where there are lights in an office building in the Sudirman area, South Jakarta. Even though it was taken in low light conditions, it can be seen how the realme 9 Pro+ camera is able to maintain sharp and clean photo quality from noise.

It doesn’t stop there, the colors produced by the camera smartphone it also looks natural and stands out more when compared to the colors from the camera smartphone another in his class.

This AI technology support confirms that realme 9 Pro+ is able to collaborate hardware and software so perfectly that due to the shock absorption of OIS hardware and the ability of the Sony IMX766 sensor, which is capable of absorbing light, it can produce amazing details even in dark conditions.

The next photo was taken on a pedestrian bridge in the Sudirman area which went viral some time ago thanks to the changing lights on the roof of the bridge.

This is actually a challenge for a company smartphone when capturing light that often changes color. However, thanks to the Sony IMX766 sensor which has a sensor-style shutter speed flagshipall these challenges can be overcome and are able to produce a consistent orange color, at least up to the part focal length farthest.

The resulting photo also looks clear with a high level of noise which is quite low. In our opinion, these two examples of night photos further emphasize that the realme 9 Pro+ has camera quality, especially for night photos that match the camera. flagship smartphone premium which is usually priced at around Rp. 4 million.

In addition, the realme 9 Pro+ is also a smartphone first with hardware OIS support in the mid-range class. This OIS feature also makes it easier for users to take long exposure photos more easily and is shockproof. That way, they can also be more flexible in creating the best photo content at night.

Smartphone It is certain that this will soon be launched to the Indonesian market on February 16, 2022 and the launch will be broadcast live on the realme Indonesia YouTube channel. Look forward to the full review related smartphone This is in our next discussion.

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