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Not Only Price, POCO Also Provides Extreme After Sales Service

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POCO, a popular technology brand among the world’s young technology enthusiasts, provides the convenience of using POCO smartphones through extreme after sales services, including excellent contact center services and loan units as well as Free Pick Up & Delivery.

“We continue to be committed to providing the best for POCO Fans, including through after-sales service
sales. The contact center team that is always responsive and the loan unit program as well as the Free Pick Up & Delivery that we offer are expected to provide comfort,” said Andi Renreng, Head of Marketing POCO Indonesia.

The contact center for after sales services can be accessed via telephone number 0800-1-401558 (toll-free) and WhatsApp number 0821-1723-6765 and email to [email protected], with daily service hours starting from 09:00 – 18:00 WIB.

Through this service center service with Xiaomi, POCO smartphone users can also get loan unit services or loan units to be used by users who repair their smartphones at the Exclusive Service Center (ESC).

This service is a form of POCO’s way of supporting users to stay active as long as their smartphone is repaired. Loan Unit is a service that provides loan smartphones that can be used temporarily while waiting for repairs to be completed at the service center.

This service is offered if a technician from ESC decides that the repair takes more than two hours or cannot be completed on the same day. The type of smartphone that is loaned depends on the availability at the ESC.

Loaned cellphones are returned when the user picks up a smartphone that has been repaired. This service is currently only available in 50 ESCs spread across all provinces in Indonesia. Together with Xiaomi, POCO has the best after sales service coverage in Indonesia with 150+ service centers.

Some Xiaomi Stores and Xiaomi Shops have also recently received units for repair, bringing the service point coverage to more than 400 places. And to reduce the spread of the current pandemic, this after sales service also offers a Free Pick Up & Delivery service.

This service is in collaboration with online motorcycle taxi partners, and can be used for units that are still within the warranty period (In Warranty) or outside the warranty period (Out of Warranty). Users only need to contact the after sales service contact center to make an appointment for pickup and delivery of the repaired unit.

“With this extreme after sales service, we believe we can complete our commitment to provide extreme products at extreme prices to all POCO Fans. And of course, all of these are offers that POCO users in Indonesia can really take advantage of,” concluded Andi.

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