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Erajaya Digital Launches Continuous Upgrades, What Program Is This?

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Erajaya Digital nationally has launched the “Upgrade Continue!” program. It is a solution for consumers to update their smartphones to the latest models every year in a way that is not only easy, but also affordable.

Continuous Upgrade Program! cooperate with financing partners, such as Kredivo and Home Credit Indonesia, TecProtec, telecommunications operators and trade-ins. Furthermore, this program will be run at Erafone retail outlets throughout Indonesia.

As explained by Joy Wahjudi, CEO of Erajaya Digital in front of a number of online media that the Upgrade Continues! officially launched after going through a pilot program which was implemented in forty Erafone stores in Jabodetabek.

“Smartphones have now become part of our daily needs. And the demand to have a smartphone with the latest capabilities and specifications is increasing. As part of our focus on consumers, Keep Upgrading! We are here to help the community,” said Joy Wahjudi.

Joy Wahjudi added that through this program the Indonesian people can get their dream gadget product with a light payment method and an easy process, which can be repeated in the following year. Hopefully, Continuously Upgrade! can provide a positive customer experience for Erafone customers.

Through the Continuous Upgrade program!, consumers can upgrade to a new smartphone in the second year, with lower installments and no repetition limit each year. Consumers will receive a notification in the eleventh month to remind them of the expiration date of the contract, and can come to any Erafone.

The TecProtec Pro Classic 12 protection program, which is also included in the monthly installment, ensures protection of your smartphone against accidental damage including water or other liquid damage.
Keep Upgrading! valid for all smartphone products on Erafone, with a minimum price of IDR 3 million.

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