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Come on! Invent a New Way of Working with Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and S Pen

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The concept of hybrid work has become the new norm adopted by people in Indonesia and several other countries. This method opens up new possibilities for life maximizers to balance their daily lives at work, creativity, and expression anywhere.

In this case, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, which comes with an embedded S Pen, makes it the most advanced productivity tool for hybrid work. Supported by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset with the first 4nm fabrication, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G really is the perfect daily driver to enhance the experience of working anywhere.

As told by Selvia Gofar, Head of Product Marketing for Samsung Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia that Samsung is again making a breakthrough through various innovations that bring new standards for flagship smartphones. All of that is in the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.

‚ÄúStarting from the Pro Grade Camera, a powerful chipset, to the S Pen update. All of that is in the S22 Ultra 5G which aims to support people’s lifestyles in the digital era. Samsung also continues to study consumer needs which are increasingly integrated in fulfilling professional and personal lives,” said Selvia.

Reporting from the Harvard Business Review, working in a hybrid from anywhere is often considered fun because of the flexibility it has. In fact, working without face to face is actually more tiring because of the amount of coordination that must be done, from matching schedules, remote communication, and others.

Maintaining good collaboration between teams can also be one way to stay effective. So, how to build cooperation even though they are far apart? Check out how to work smarter by using the following S Pen:

Sharing information on-the-go

For those of you who are used to writing meeting results in notebooks, you will definitely find it difficult during the retyping process, especially the additional time that must be spent just copying. On the other hand, writing with the stylus is sometimes an unsatisfactory experience because it is not as comfortable as writing in a notebook.

This does not apply to the S Pen embedded in the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G which gets an update with lower latency at 2.8ms, 3x more responsive than the previous series. The experience of writing, line, or drawing will feel more natural and real.

What’s more, you can also convert handwriting to text instantly, so meeting notes can be immediately shared with colleagues without spending a long time. Just open Samsung Notes, write your notes, tap the Text icon, and tap Convert. Your writing will be automatically converted in text form.

No need to worry about your writing being unreadable, because this feature is available in 88 languages. And this can also be done directly for writing on social media such as Twitter. Of course this is suitable for those of you who like to share useful tips on social media.

Remote collaboration is easier with Quick Note

Not infrequently, we receive work that is sudden or must be completed immediately, even though we are far from the laptop. At times like this, you can send references to colleagues with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, even while multitasking.

You can communicate with colleagues while browsing the internet or the Gallery for faster content sharing. The trick is to create a New Note with Air Command which will later appear as PIP (Picture in Picture).

Next, you can do a search on the browser page, and copy the material you want with Web Clipper. Then, simply click ‘Link’ or ‘Whole Page’ to share the URL link or attach content to shared notes.

Virtual brainstorming sessions become more exciting and interactive

One activity that feels different when working in a hybrid way is brainstorming which is usually done face-to-face into a discussion session via video conference. This session can be made more practical with the convenience of the S Pen on the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G which is supported by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to support productivity.

One of them that is offered is Smart Select to share or store information instantly. Then, there is also Live Message to send a unique message for inspiration. Brainstorming also feels more fun and simple as easy as a hand line.

Live Message to exchange ideas more interactively

Enhance your brainstorming experience with Live Sharing on Google Duo, exclusive to Galaxy smartphones. While exchanging ideas, you can also freely share screens and share interesting ideas on the screen using the S Pen to be discussed together.

Interestingly, thanks to the S Pen, you can also operate your smartphone using gestures such as opening the camera with ‘Air Action’ and controlling the shutter button without touching the smartphone screen or even making it a clicker during presentations.

A more leveraged S Pen experience is also supported by an AI-powered chipset, which improves smartphone performance for more efficient use of power. Plus, 2X Dynamic AMOLED technology which produces the clearest and smoothest screen provides comfort when writing, drawing or surfing the internet.

In addition to the convenience that the Galaxy S22 Ultra provides with the sophistication of the S Pen, with an open ecosystem, you can take advantage of the integration between Galaxy devices with Collaboration View. Here the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G can sync seamlessly with the Galaxy Tab S8 Series.

It’s easy, activate Bluetooth, use the same WiFi on both devices, select Advanced Features in Settings, then click ‘Continue Apps on Other Devices’. When editing a document, you can select a palette (type of brush or pen tip, color, and so on) on the smartphone screen and write or draw on the Tab S8 screen.

In addition, there are still several features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G that will provide a comprehensive experience in activities, such as Link to Windows which connects smartphones with laptops and Quick Share for transferring large files to other Galaxy devices instantly.

Price of Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G complete with S Pen!

Create a new, more efficient way of working with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G anywhere, anytime, by pre-ordering at Or you can also go to Samsung Experience Stores offline, and Samsung’s e-commerce partners, namely Blibli, Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, JD. ID, Akulaku, Eraspace, Dinomarket, and TikTok Shop.

Available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Burgundy color variants, here are the price details for the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G:

8GB/12GB: IDR 17,999,000
12GB/256GB: IDR 18,999,000
12GB/512GB: IDR 20,999,000

During the pre-order period, from February 9 to March 3, 2022, consumers can get very epic offers worth IDR 4,847,000 with the following details: E-Voucher up to IDR 1,500,000
Samsung Care+ for 1 year
Exclusive phone case
Bank cashback up to IDR 1,000,000
0% installment up to 24 months

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