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AVARO Launches WiFi Smart Door Lock with AI Technology

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AVARO has also enlivened the smart living trend in Indonesia by launching WiFi Smart Door Lock. This smart home device that targets young families with smart homes in Indonesia comes in two model options, namely AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 and AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02.

“The smart living lifestyle with the support of Internet of Thing (IoT) technology is increasingly becoming a trend and necessity for modern society. This also changes people’s behavior in maintaining home security,” said Gunadi as Sales Manager of AVARO.

Continued by Gunadi, this is AVARO’s reason for launching the latest flagship product, AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock with AI Technology. There are two models launched, namely AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 and AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01

The first model, AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 is here to provide extra security at home. Equipped with technology that can accurately detect 50 fingerprint data, users can make settings to close the door without locking with a high intensity of going in and out.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 is supported by multi prevention and will not open if you enter the wrong password multiple times, and try to open it using an electromagnetic device and using an RFID card duplication.
In addition to using fingerprints, this Smart Door Lock also supports PIN Passwords and 100 special ID cards.

Interestingly, this AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 includes a double emergency method. When the battery runs out, the door can be opened using an ordinary key or it can be with a power bank for emergencies. The power source in AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 comes from four A3 batteries.

Another attraction, this AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01 has a very high quality and durable material made of Aluminum Alloy. Even so, this smart door lock already carries IP54 (waterproof) certification. So, it is safe for all conditions and weather.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02

The second model, AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02, is equipped with AI Technology which ensures 6 smarter and safer security features. This AI technology makes the security features in Smart Door Lock more secure and not easy to break/hack.

With the support of the AI ​​chip embedded in it, making all security responses more sensitive.
In fact, the security system also supports up to 300 (100 fingerprints, 100 RFID and 100 PIN/Passwords). This Smart Door Lock is so smart because it doesn’t require a door handle.

When you have detected your fingerprint, PIN, RFID card and remote via the AVARO application, the security irons will go inside and the door will open automatically. Vice versa. This mechanism is certainly more weather resistant because it supports IP54 certification (waterproof), resists rust, friction, dust and dirt.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02 has a very strong and solid iron frame. The irons themselves have four pieces to provide extra strength. In fact, this iron plate has been implanted with a system that is directly connected to the Door Lock, so that everything can work smoothly and quickly.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02 is also equipped with a special alarm system that will sound if there are 5 errors in entering the password. Sophisticated again, this alarm technology will also sound if someone is detected peeking through the camera hole.

This camera system is located in the inner door lock which can see the outside clearly. Interestingly, the camera embedded in the Door Lock uses a wide screen sensor, so users can more freely see more broadly.

The technology owned by AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02 also allows users to see the person in front of the door directly on the smartphone, after the person presses the doorbell. And residents of smart homes will be able to directly open the door via the remote feature of the smartphone.

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02 is supported by a battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh which is very efficient and durable. Through AI technology, the system will send a notification to the smartphone if the battery is running out. The charging process can use a power bank for emergencies, or rely on a special adapter.

In the condition that the battery is completely depleted, residents can open the door using the mechanical key provided. For convenience of use, this AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock can be controlled directly from the
smartphone using the AVARO application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

Price and availability

AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock is available at the AVARO official store on the country’s e-commerce network at a price of Rp. 1,990,000 for AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL01, and during the promotion period consumers will get a free Plug, up to 20% discount and free shipping.

Meanwhile, AVARO WiFi Smart Door Lock SL02 is priced at Rp.2,990,000 with additional free LED + Plug, free installation for Jakarta and free shipping. For more complete information, you can visit the official AVARO social media on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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