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ASUS Holds Global Webinar Event entitled Educational Innovation

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ASUS held the Exploring Cloud Computing and the Eduverse event, a global webinar that thoroughly explores cloud computing technology, metaverse, and future education. The event which took place from 16-17 February 2022 was attended by technology experts from ASUS, Intel, and Google, as well as experts and observers.

The Exploring Cloud Computing and the Eduverse event focused on discussing the evolution of cloud computing-based hardware and software. For this reason, the event was attended by experts from world technology companies, namely Chris Whiteman, Sales Director of ASUS.

There is also Cigdem Ertem, Global Director for Education and Public Sector Sales from Intel, and Stephen Fang, K-12 Cloud Leader from Google. Accompanying the three was Graham Brown-Martin, author of {Re}imagined and a professor from Arizona State University’s Global Futures Laboratory, as moderator Brian David Johnson.

This event is also a place for experts to share ideas with other webinar participants who come from all over the world and discuss various challenges in today’s global education world. It is expected to be the starting point for various modern educational solutions.

The global pandemic conditions have forced education practitioners to abandon the “old method” that relies on the face-to-face education system to an online and hybrid education system. However, the transition process cannot be carried out immediately and must go through various stages.

This often burdens education practitioners, teachers and school IT staff, and even affects students. Cloud computing also appears as one of the most practical solutions to accelerate the system
online and hybrid education.

In this event, panelists and webinar participants discussed how to utilize computing technology that has been tested in various industrial sectors as an educational solution in the midst of a pandemic. Cloud computing technology can be used as a basis for enhancing distance and hybrid learning experiences in schools.

One of the hottest topics of conversation at this event was addressing the metaverse and future learning technologies. Metaverse is predicted as one of the future learning solutions, where students and teachers are expected to interact better even though it is done remotely.

The use of metaverse technology in education is now referred to as eduverse. The discussion between the panelists and participants also answered how the massive adoption of cloud computing technology can accelerate
development and implementation of eduverse.

ASUS solutions for education

Supporting educational transformation, ASUS also provides learning support device solutions such as the ASUS Chromebook CR1100 and ASUS BR1100 educational laptops. Both laptops can also be used in conjunction with various cloud computing-based educational services such as Google Classroom and Microsoft 365 Education.

Both the ASUS Chromebook CR1100 and ASUS BR1100, both are equipped with a body design that is very tough and resistant to impact, making it suitable for use by children who are very active in learning. Both laptops are also equipped with an anti-spill keyboard feature, and are designed to be easy to maintain independently.

ASUS Chromebook CR1100 and ASUS BR1100 have variants that adopt a convertible design. This design makes it easier to interact while studying because it can be used as a tablet or laptop. Not only that, they also have two cameras for interactive learning purposes.

To make the learning process more intuitive and fun, the ASUS Chromebook CR1100 and ASUS BR1100 feature touchscreen technology. The connectivity of the two laptops is also quite complete with complete port availability, has been equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, and supports a stylus.

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