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Al Ghazali’s Honest Story Using Galaxy A03 to Create Awesome Content

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Although at this time mobility is still not fully normal, daily activities seem to be increasing from time to time. This makes us increasingly need smartphones to complete various daily activities.

However, with so many smartphones on the market, how do we determine the right one according to our needs? What is certain is that we need to know what our habits are in using smartphones, and what features are able to support our experience in carrying out daily activities.

For those of you who need inspiration in choosing your ideal smartphone, there is Al Ghazali, an actor, band player, as well as a DJ (Disc Jockey), who shares his experience using the Galaxy A03, a million-dollar smartphone from Samsung with the best essential features.

“Nowadays, when can we get away from smartphones? Starting from waking up, continuing to carry out a busy day’s routine until refreshing, the smartphone has become a friend who never leaves your hand. Apart from making social media content and photos, I myself often use my smartphone to listen to music on Spotify,” said Al.

Al added that the quality of the camera, screen, and battery of a smartphone is very important for him. And with the Galaxy A03 which is only Rp. 1 million, its superior features can already make our daily activities awesome.

For Al, here are his three habits of using a smartphone to make his days awesome:

Creating social media content is definitely Awesome

Every day, Al often uploads content on social media, ranging from OOTD photos, vacation and activity photos, to selfies with his girlfriend and friends. Moreover, whenever Al tries to use a new smartphone, the first thing he will notice is the camera.

“With a 48 MP camera, the Galaxy A03 can make very clear photos and videos. The results of the Galaxy A03 photos are very sharp, the video recordings are also smooth. Whether it’s photos or videos, we can create social media content that is definitely awesome with the Galaxy A03,” said Al.

Al also added that he has certain habits that can be tips for friends in using smartphone cameras. Try exploring photos using panorama and portrait modes (bokeh effect), or different object mottos with manual settings so that our creativity continues to be honed.

Awesome performance for sure running all apps all day long

Everyday, Al has a fairly solid routine, from shooting to band. On the sidelines of his busy life, he relies on his smartphone to refresh for a moment. He often opens social media, browses and streams to find music inspiration, to play games. Oh yeah, for those of you who don’t know, Al likes to play Mobile Legends, you know!

“Because I like playing Mobile Legends and social media, for me the quality and size of the smartphone screen is important. Fortunately, the Galaxy A03 has a 6.5-inch wide screen and the resolution is HD + which really helps to win more in Mobile Legends and check content,” Al explained.

To support Al’s daily life, the Galaxy A03 is equipped with the T606 chipset from Unisoc which has an Octa-core CPU with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz and up to 4 GB of RAM for optimal performance. So, Al can switch from one application to another without slowing down.

In addition, the 5,000 mAh battery in this smartphone allows Al to be satisfied with gaming, content, and access to digital entertainment all day without having to constantly charge. This also makes it easier for Al to stay connected with the people closest to him when he is traveling and outdoor activities.

Explore new ideas everywhere for sure Awesome

According to Al, the Galaxy A03 has a very simple and seamless design and color variants that are pleasing to the eye at any time and from any angle. So when we use it to explore new ideas in a crowd or alone, the cool design makes us more confident.

Al’s favorite color is Blue which he thinks is very nice and very sharp in color. “The cool thing is, the Galaxy A03 is affordable because it’s only a million. So, it’s modern, quality, but still economical. Now it’s your turn to explore Awesome moments with the Galaxy A03 according to your passion,” said Al.

Al added, he hopes that the younger generation, especially Gen Z, can continue to explore their potential and abilities and not be afraid to try something new. “Look for crazy ideas outside the mainstream zone. Making projects and collabs with friends can be a way for us to express creative ideas,” said Al closing.

“We are pleased that the Galaxy A03 is able to become a reliable daily driver for young people like Al who is creative and full of inspiration,” said Ricky Bunardi, Product Marketing Manager Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN).

Furthermore, Ricky also emphasized that Samsung will invite more young people to continue to be creative, express themselves, and follow current trends with the Galaxy A03 as has been done by Al. Moreover, at a price of only Rp. 1 million, the Galaxy A03 has Awesome features to accompany users.

You can have the Galaxy A03 for Rp. 1,599,000 (3 GB/32 GB) and Rp. 1,799,000 (4 GB/64 GB). There are three Awesome color variants that you can choose according to your personality, namely Blue, Black, and Red. For more information about the Samsung Galaxy A03 Series, please visit

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