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Wander Luiz Hope PSS Sleman Hajar Bhayangkara FC

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Monday, 7 March 2022 – 11:30 WIB

VIVA – PSS Sleman coach, I Putu Gede is determined that his team will be able to win points against Bhayangkara FC in the League 1 continued match which will be held at Kompyang Sujana Stadium, Monday 7 March 2022.

Putu Gede said that he had high hopes for foreign striker from Brazil, Wander Luiz, to score in the match.

“Hopefully tomorrow Wander Luiz will score and help win the game,” said Putu Gede, Sunday, March 6, 2022.

The figure of Wander Luiz, who had just been brought in by PSS Sleman from Persib Bandung in the second round of Liga 1, is considered not to be able to give a maximum appearance. The presence of Wander Luiz, which is expected to be a goalscoring machine for PSS Sleman, has not materialized.

Putu Gede admits that in the last few matches, Wander Luiz’s appearance has not been optimal. Putu Gede argues that the adaptation factor that has not been maximized also has an effect on Wander Luiz.

“I don’t think Wander Luiz’s performance has been optimal. Maybe adaptation, in some matches there were misses with other players,” said Putu Gede.

“I see the potential of Wander Luiz is great. It’s just not maximized,” continued Putu Gede.

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