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Sofian’s Then Explosion made Supriko fall in the first round

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Sunday, March 13, 2022 – 02:06 WIB

VIVA – Then Sofian scored a resounding victory against Supriko in the One Pride Mixed Martial Arts rankings at the straw (strawweight) class at Fight Night 56. Sofian won in the first round.

In the duel that was broadcast tvOne, Saturday, March 12, 2022, the two fighters have been attacking each other buying and selling punches and kicks at the beginning of the first round. Sofian launched a kick, but Supriko caught it.

Supriko tried to lock the guillotine choke after successfully taking down Sofian. But here, Sofian, who has basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was able to break free.

In the middle of the first round, then Sofian dominated the match in ground fighting. He occasionally rained punches on Supriko who was below.

Then Sofian then got the momentum to do a guillotine choke. This lockdown finally brought the fighters from the Warrior MMA gym to win in the first round.

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