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Land Prices Expensive, Manchester United Undo Intention

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Sunday, March 6, 2022 – 18:42 WIB

VIVA Manchester United has reportedly decided against moving the training base. This is because the price of land in the targeted location is too high.

quote The Sun, MU has plans to build a team training center at Tatton Estate, Cheshire. The project design is also fairly sophisticated.

The management of the team nicknamed the Red Devils provided funds of 200 million pounds, equivalent to Rp. 3.8 trillion. Funds of that size are reasonable because they need supporting equipment.

However, after a re-examination, the MU management chose not to. The reason is that the price of land in the area is very expensive.

The alternative that will be carried out is the development of Carrington. MU training center until now just polished again to be even better.

MU Program Director, Mags Mernagh who is trusted to be in charge of this project. He would create a vision and plan for Carrington’s development.

Manchester United goalkeeper in training

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