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Farmel FC vs Persikota and TNI Referee Controversy Enters the Field

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Sunday, March 6, 2022 – 21:23 WIB

VIVA – The leadership of referees in League 3 has again sparked controversy. This time it’s from the Farmel FC vs Persikota Tangerang match in the round of 16 at Gelora Delta Sidoarjo, Sunday afternoon WIB, March 6 2022.

In that match, Persikota was defeated by a score of three goals without reply from Farmel FC. However, they were not satisfied with the way the referee was leading.

The Football Observer’s Instagram account uploaded a video containing the irregularities of the referee’s leadership. The first is when the linesman raises the offside flag.

Even though the moment, Persikota players are still far from an offside position when they want to chase a breakthrough bait ball. He ran after the ball after the Farmel FC defender failed to make an intercept.

Persikota officials who were on the bench were annoyed with the decision.

But the irregularity of the referee’s leadership occurred again in the first half. Where the penalty prize was awarded to Farmel FC.

The owner of Persikota Tangerang, Prilly Latuconsina.

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