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As Chairman of KONI, Daud Jordan Develops Self Defense in North Kayong

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Friday, March 11, 2022 – 18:24 WIB

VIVA – Daud Jordan has a vision of developing martial arts while serving as chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of North Kayong Regency for the period 2022-2026.

The Indonesian professional boxer continues to move towards realizing this goal by coordinating and visiting KONI Chairman Marciano Norman at the KONI Central Office in Senayan, Jakarta, Friday.

Daud conveyed his steps in fostering achievement sports by stating that he would focus on coaching to improve the quality of athletes, especially individual branches.

“We will focus on quality not quantity, let it be a little but really to achieve. We have a priority for superior sports,” Daud told ANTARA regarding his visit to the central KONI today.

“The plan is, because there are still only a few sports that have become superior, there is boxing, of course, not only as athletes but also as administrators. Then there are fighting degrees, and there are other martial arts sports. We are indeed more athletes- There are individual athletes there, that will be our focus and priority later,” said the 34-year-old boxer.

Long before he became the chairman of KONI Kayong Utara, Daud had developed boxing in his gym and had big dreams of producing boxing athletes with international achievements.

“As an active athlete, I also want to contribute outside of my current profession for the benefit of the wider community,” said Daud, who has a 41 (29 KO)-4-0 record.

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