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Willing to give up the status of the best campus student in South Korea to pursue a career, this is the meaning of the name Cha Seung Won, the star of Our Blues Drama | grid.ID

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Cha Seung Won

Grid.ID– Before watching the drama series Our Blues, it never hurts the audience to find out the meaning of Cha Seung Won’s name.

Who knows, by knowing the meaning of Cha Seung Won’s name, the audience can get to know him more closely.

Unfortunately, the meaning of the name Cha Seung Won itself is rarely discussed in media articles.

Therefore, Grid.ID this time will discuss the meaning of the name Cha Seung Won, as quoted from various sources.

If you look at the information from the old My Drama List, the actor who was born on June 7, 1970 has the surname Cha. As for the surname Cha is a chariot of battle.

Then Seung, quoting Behind the Name, means to rise, rise, triumph, excel, and inherit. While Won means the first and original.

The meaning of his name seems to fit the course of his life.

Seung Won is one of the successful models to become an actor.

She initially debuted as a model. In order to pursue this profession, he was willing to leave Sungkyunkwan University in 1988.

In fact, the university is one of the top and best campuses in South Korea.

Seung Won has been in the modeling world for 10 years. Throughout her career as a model, she has worked with various well-known companies, including the Maserati car brand.

Success in the modeling world, Seung Won continues to try his luck in the acting world.

He started his career by starring in the film Holiday in Seoul in 1997.

After that, he actively appeared on the big screen and television screens every year.

He has starred in many dramas and films, such as Athena: Goddess of War, Sinkhole, Night in Paradise, A Korean Odyssey, and One Ordinary Day.

Then soon, he will return to acting in the drama Our Blues. In this drama, he will play the role of Choi Han Soo, a man who was born and raised on Jeju Island.

He will compete acting with Lee Jung Eun who plays Jung Eung Hee, his first love.

If there are no changes, the latest series, which also stars Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin, will air around April 9, 2022.

Outside of his life as an actor, Seung Won is a husband and father of two children.

In 1992, he officially married Lee Su Jin who was 4 years older than him.

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