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5 Comedy Horror Dramas That Are Ready to Shake Your Stomach, Not Scary!

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Horror dramas often give the audience goosebumps with a gripping atmosphere in them. Not to mention, if it is inserted with jumpscare which will increase your adrenaline.

But it’s not always a scary horror drama, you know! There are comedy horror dramas that actually make the audience laugh out loud. Far from being scary and very funny, here are the titles of comedy horror dramas that are ready to shake your stomach.

1. Oh My Ghost (2015)

Has 16 episodes, drama Oh My Ghost tells the story of a shy woman named Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) who works as an assistant chef. Known to be shy and very introverted, Bong Sun doesn’t have many close friends.

Until one day, he becomes cheerful and confident because he is possessed by a nosy ghost named Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi). However, the female ghost actually falls in love with Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) who is Bong Sun’s boss.

2. From Now On Showtime (2022)

Having the ability to see supernatural beings, Cha Cha Woong (Park Hae Jin) actually uses ghosts to help him perform various magic tricks. Known as a great magician, Cha Woong makes a lot of profit with the help of these astral beings.

Thanks to this ability, a female police officer named Go Seul Hae (Jin Ki Joo) is attracted to her and asks Cha Woong for help in investigating the case. Meanwhile, Cha Woong’s career is in danger of being destroyed because the biggest secret is almost out.

3. Let’s Fight The Ghost (2016)

At first, Bong Pal (Ok Taecyeon) was afraid because he has the ability to see and interact with ghosts. Over time, he actually uses his special ability as an additional job.

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Working as an exorcist, Bong Pal finally meets the ghost of a high school student named Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) who has forgotten his memories of his past. From this meeting, Hyun Ji asks Bong Pal for help to help her remember her past.

Despite refusing, Bong Pal finally agrees with Hun Ji’s request. Provided, the female ghost must also help him to chase away the nosy ghosts that wander around. Then, did they succeed in carrying out their mission?

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4. The Master’s Sun (2013)

Due to an accident that happened to him, Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) actually has the ability to see supernatural beings. Unfortunately, this special ability actually makes his life disturbed and difficult to sleep.

Gong Sil is also often considered strange because he often talks to himself. However, this ability suddenly disappears when he is close to Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) who is the CEO of a famous mall.

Of course it is not an easy thing for Gong Sil to approach Joong Won. The reason is, Joong Won is known as an arrogant and stingy person. He also doesn’t believe in mystical things and thinks that Gong Sil has lost his sanity.

5. Zombie Detective (2020)

What would happen if the zombies who were described as scary and savage creatures had to survive in the midst of human life. The comical and funny zombie figure is played by versatile actor, Choi Jin Hyuk.

In drama Zombie Detective, he played as a zombie who forgot his memory trying to uncover his past and how he could turn into the undead. Not alone, he is accompanied by a passionate woman named Gong Seon Ji (Park Ju Hyun) who works as a journalist.

Combining elements of comedy and horror, the comedy horror drama above will not make you nervous alone. Instead, a number of these dramas are ready to accompany and entertain you when you have free time at home.

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