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These are the characters you will meet in The Batman

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The Batman is planned to be released in cinemas in Indonesia on March 2, 2022

First, introduce the characters that you will meet in The Batman movie

The Batman (Robert Pattinson)

In his role as the embodiment of Gotham’s vengeance – a nocturnal one who can be said to carry out vigilante acts and spread an aura of fear in the hearts of criminals, this has been going on for two years.

A reclusive descendant of Gotham’s richest family questions his family heritage, he is the world’s greatest detective, stalking the streets at night. He uses a lethal combination of mental mastery, physical strength and technology to become a symbol of Gotham City’s hope

Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz)

is a mysterious figure who has secretly infiltrated the slums of Gotham City to carry out his own agenda. His fierce demeanor and tenacious agility are the perfect tools to excel as a thief.

But hidden behind his diverse identities and leather costumes for motorbikes, he is the protector of the city rather than its citizens.

Lieutenant James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright)

is one of the best in the Gotham City Police Department. An experienced cop with a clear sense of integrity, Jim Gordon provides the GCPD (and the city) with a moral compass. As one of the few public figures who considers The Batman an ally, he also uses his power and authority as a force for change.

The Riddler (Paul Dano)

quickly established himself as the deadliest threat in Gotham. This enigmatic figure, is a masked assassin who has devised a series of sinister puzzles and twists and turns to trap Gotham’s elite and unmask the city’s darkest truths to the public.

The Batman

The Penguinaka “Oz,” (Colin Farrell)

is the owner of an exclusive nightlife club in Gotham City, The Iceberg
Lounge, the meeting place of the city’s underworld. The Penguin is best known for being the spokesperson as well as running operations for the city’s top gangster, Carmine Falcone.

Alfred (Andy Serkis)

is a pillar of Bruce Wayne’s strength. Alfred plays a father figure and the closest person as the only person who knows Batman’s identity. Alfred grapples with his day-to-day duty to protect the Wayne family’s legacy and Gotham City.

Carmine Falcone (John Turturro)

is the head of one of Gotham’s most established criminal families. Locked up in The Shoreline Lofts. He managed to exert power and spread influence in Gotham City without escaping from his confinement.

Bella Real (Jayme Lawson)

is the youngest contender for the Gotham Mayoral Election. It uses grassroots tactics to gather her supporters from the ground up, Bella is ready to go beyond the rules to
rid the city of evil.

District Attorney Gil Colson (Peter Sarsgaard)

I is a character who likes to look the other way in terms of the activities of Gotham City’s biggest crime boss, while at the same time, he enjoys the perks of working as one of the city’s law enforcement officers, especially his nightlife to the end.

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The Batman

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