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The children’s film, the President’s bicycle, lifts Papuan culture

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After waiting for several months, finally the film “BikePresident” will be shown in cinemas throughout Indonesia starting December 23, 2021, enlivening the Indonesian film entertainment industry at the end of 2021 with the theme of children’s and family films.

Lifting the funny story of Papuan children with their natural beauty and music, the film Bicycle President wants to invite all Indonesian children and families to have fun together and invites all Indonesian children and families to have fun together and invites the public to return to the cinema by of course following the health protocols.

Love for the world of children, music and Indonesian culture, brought producers Avesina Soebli again making a film with the theme of children and Indonesian culture, especially Papuan culture.

Watch the trailer first


Three Papuan friends meet a YouTuber who has run away from the saturation of his life in Jakarta. These three friends have a dream to get a bicycle from the President which is currently viral.

Their meeting was intertwined and gave birth to many funny events, with adventures in the beautiful land of Papuan. In this process, lots of children’s songs will be performed with happy rhythms and entertain the audience

According to director Garin Nugroho, this children’s film will show something memorable for the Papuan people in particular and for the audience in general.

“Papua is a source of spirit, a source of talent for acting, dancing and singing, as well as joy,” said Garin Nugroho

The title of this film is President’s Bike, because the visuals of the President and his bicycle are very catchy. It is an interesting cultural event that socially generates participation and is viral. Likewise, the events of the president’s meeting with various Indonesian children regarding the gift of his bicycle gave birth to various humors that became conversations and went viral.

A number of well-known Indonesian actors also star in this film, including Ariel Tatum, Sita Nursanti, Joanita Chatari, Ian William, intelligent and talented Papuan children, The Papua Kids: Arnol Aner Asmuruf, Dede Ramandel, and Elias F. Padwa.

As the writer of this film, it was entrusted to Swastika Nohara.

The President’s bicycle will bring an atmosphere full of humor, joy and beautiful songs and warm humanitarian events.

Four of the soundtracks were performed by Papuan talents, such as the song titled Bicycle President, Yospan, Papua and Sajojo.

Besides that, Ariel Tatum’s melodious voice also gives its own color in this film, which describes the feelings in his heart

Besides Worry, there are two other songs sung by Ariel Tatum who will be present in this film, namely Kunang Kunang and Bunga Orchid.

Interestingly, there is also a traditional Pua song performed by Bona Pascal, JB Macho and Papuan children

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