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The Batman Sneak Peek – Cinemags

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman, finally showing in cinemas in Indonesia, starting with a media screening and other invited guests, then continued with an evening screening for his fans.

It is undeniable that this is one of the films that has been eagerly awaited, in demand and is predicted to follow in the footsteps of other similar films that will last a long time to fill cinema screens in Indonesia.

This time Matt Reeves is not kidding, he has prepared this film with a duration of almost 3 hours, so of course this will be a challenge and a charm for the audience in the cinema.

Currently, cinemas are also getting ready to show it in IMAX (XXI) , 4dx and SCREEN X (CGV) , which indicates this is a film that will provide its own unique experience.

The Batman played by Robert Pattinson This time it will take the audience into an era of darkness that cannot be described in words. If you watch this film, the audience’s memories will inevitably be carried away by two things, namely the darkness of the world as dark as in the Joker (2019) film and the series about Alfred Pennyworth in Pennyworth.

The Batman will visually display a dark side that makes the audience feel how it feels if someone has entered the world of crime, and this includes all aspects of life which will certainly be a twist for the audience as the scene approaches the final half.

The Batman

When compared to its predecessor, Matt Reeves’ version of The Batman boldly displays the simple-minded side of The Riddler (Paul Dano) who wants justice for all. Through his eyes, the path he took along with all the strategies he had prepared was to achieve his goals and ambitions. concerning his path, he has prepared all the riddles which he presents for this noble cause. He also doesn’t care about obstacles and right or wrong paths, because the concerns and fears of the people of Gotham City are one of the tools he wants to use for this.

The Riddler’s thought pattern at a glance will indeed bring the audience to remember the complexity of the Joker’s thoughts in the Joker (2019) film. Then here, the audience who closely follows The Riddler’s thoughts will be approached with a question, is The Batman actually a superhero? Or is he just a figure who comes with complete supporting technology such as The Batmobile, The Batcycle, The Batcave and The Batsuit?

Accompanying this question, the audience will be brought to the beauty of the night world a la Matt Reeves, and if observant will recognize his characteristics found in his previous films (Planet of the Apes). Theatrically everything he conveyed to the audience, made them realize how dark, but still interesting the life at night was. This is what causes so many criminals to roam in Gotham city and if you happen to run into the avenger of The Batman, then this will leave a sense of terror of its own.

As for the figure of Alfred, this time it gets a more in-depth role when compared to its predecessor Batman version, and if anyone follows the Pennyworth series, they will understand the dialogues that are often spoken between Alfred and Bruce Wayne. This also provides an explanation of the reasons that Alfred did, in order to protect the Wayne family.

It’s also rarely seen, so this version of Matt Revees will also feature a unique collaboration between The Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright)which reminds like the movies old detective genre. This is something new and it will certainly be interesting to see how this combination of collaboration will produce a solution.

Overall, with this long duration, the audience is deeply spoiled for the world of night, the world of crime with all the strategies behind it, as a determinant of the future of Gotham City.

Of course with the drama between The Batman and Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) this will also lead to the viewer’s thinking about the personality of The Batman, who on the one hand is Bruce Wayne and on the other hand is the avenger.

In closing, as a highly anticipated film, The Batman is enough to provide a variety of viewing experiences with opera-like performances in several parts, and of course entertaining for fans all over the world.

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