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The 5 Best Netflix Series and Movies of 2021 Apart from Squid Game

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PeekCeleb – The best netflix movies and series can be watched material for you in your spare time. Since the pandemic, the number of netflix subscribers in Indonesia has increased.

The tagline ‘netflix and chill’ was also in the spotlight. By watching netflix, you will get a relaxed viewing.

The streaming service from the United States presents thousands of the best Netflix movies throughout 2021. Some of the best netflix films even come from various countries, including Indonesia.

And of course you know that one of the Netflix series from Korea, Squid Game, is very hype this year. Of course, the Squid Game series has become the best Netflix series and movie.

Well maybe for those of you who want to know what the other best Netflix series and movies are, you can really see recommendations from IntipSeleb. Curious right? What are you waiting for, just scroll down to find out the full review. Check it out!

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