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Recommended Romantic Chinese Dramas on the WeTV App

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It’s no secret that fans of Asian series must have realized that Korean dramas are now becoming the prima donna of many people in the world, not least in Indonesia. However, don’t you remember that before the drakor trend, it was Mandarin dramas that first became rampant in the country?

Whether it’s those that present classical era settings such as White Snake Legend, Princess Huan Zhu, The Shackles of the Door of Love, to those that are set today such as Meteor Garden, Mars, and At the Dolphin Bay. actors and actresses. Jerry Yan, Barbie Hsu, Vicky Zhao, Vic Chou, were those who had many fans at that time.

Now, indeed times have changed, Mandarin dramas are now rarely broadcast on private television stations in the country. However, for those who want to watch the latest Mandarin dramas, there is the right OTT platform for that, namely WeTV. Here, there are a variety of quality Chinese dramas that can be an option for your viewing. Here are a number of romantic Chinese drama recommendations that you can legally watch on the WeTV application.

Born Again For You

Rebirth For You is a popular Chinese drama starring Jingyi Ju, Joseph Zeng, Wang Zhuocheng, Wang Yiting, Li Yizhen. This drama tells the story of Jiang Baoning, who uses his abilities to balance the different powers in the imperial court, and, together with his husband Li Qian, helps the young Emperor maintain stability in the palace and create a golden age of peace. Totaling 40 episodes, this series explores the story of romantic intrigue in a classic setting.

Cute Programmer

This 30-episode Cute Programmer stars Xing Zhao Lin, Zhu Xudan, Yi Daqian, and Tian Yitong. After falling in love at first sight with programmer Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li applies to the college where his idol used to study and takes the same major: calculus. With Jiang Yicheng as a role model in his heart, Lu Li always got good grades. Even so, when he graduated, he was disappointed that Jiang Yicheng’s company did not accept female employees. However, Lu Li was determined to propose disguised as a man. He was accepted and had to bear all the consequences.

1001 Nights

Ling Ling Qi, a flower company employee, is a sincere and helpful girl. But he is also an introvert which makes it difficult to achieve his goals at work. At the same time, he did not dare to express his feelings to his admired partner, Bo Hai. Coincidentally, he and Bo Hai participate in a test of a high-tech bracelet launched by his company to improve sleep. The malfunction of the functional magnetic resonance instrument in the bracelet gave Ling Ling Qi the power to enter Bo Hai’s dream. The courage in the dream made Ling Ling Qi try to change herself and gradually become confident and courageous. In the interweaving of dreams and reality, two young people who heal each other, reap extraordinary careers and love. This 48-episode romantic Chinese drama series stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Deng Lun, Zhu Xudan, Chen Yilong, Wang Ruizi, and Zhang Haowei.

Zodiac Academy

A parallel world that doesn’t care about education, money, or age. Here, the zodiac is the highest standard. Virgo zodiac is the most popular zodiac sign, followed by Leo, Libra, and Cancer who occupy the top class because of their superhuman abilities. A pair of lovers who are preparing for the birth of their child, plans to give birth to a Libra child so that their position in the social ladder becomes high. However, the wife gave birth prematurely and instead had a baby girl Virgo. Since birth, he has been very popular. One day, this girl begins to show her superpowers and she is recruited by the Super Star Academy. However, as soon as he enters the Academy, he immediately has a strange relationship with the son of the world’s richest man. This uniquely themed romantic Chinese drama series totaling 30 episodes stars Sean Xiao, Wang Yuwen, Bai Shu, Wu Jiacheng, Chuyue Peng, Xu Xiaolu, Jason Gu, Guo Zifan, Hong Chen, Lei Zhao, and Emn Chen.

The Story of Princess Jinyan

A romantic romance between a young emperor who is always in danger and a noblewoman of a brave and kind military lineage who from the start they hate each other until they finally love each other and fight together for the good of the country. The 34-episode series starring Kabby Xu, Chen Jingke, Z Ryan, Yaoke Zhao, and Zhou Yiran is described as a colossal version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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