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Recommended Fun Webtoons for Your Free Time

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Apart from watching movies, one of the fun activities you can do in your spare time is reading online comics/webtoons. For those who like to read but don’t know about webtoons, in the Webtoon application, you will find various kinds of exciting webtoons by comic artists from within and outside the country. Webtoons are very popular among smartphone users, especially from Asia. Not a few have even become hits and have millions of loyal readers

Many comic titles in webtoons were eventually adapted into successful series or films. True Beauty, Too Handsome, Eggnoid, are webtoon titles that have successfully transitioned into viewing material. On the other hand, there is also a lot of film or serial material which is then made into a webtoon version to get a wider circle of fans, such as Gundala.

Here are some fun webtoon titles that we recommend reading. But, remember to keep in mind the time, don’t get addicted, let alone to affect the performance of your activities.

Tales of the Unusual

Tales of the Unusual is a miniseries whose chapters explore strange and scary events in everyday life. The writer, Seongdae Oh, is known for crafting gripping horror stories. Because of his expertise in presenting intense stories, one of his comics entitled The Cliff was adapted for the big screen in South Korea.

Gaje Couple

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This is a webtoon that is a favorite romantic comedy for readers, especially women. Pasutri Gaje is a series written by Indonesian comic artist Annisa Nisfihani. First published in 2016, the comic Pasutri Gaje until now has millions of loyal readers. The story is centered on two civil servants who did not know each other before but later got married complete with their daily routines. Apart from the two main characters Adimas and Adelia, there are many interesting characters that add to the excitement of this comic.


fun webtoonNoblesse tells the story of a noblest vampire named Rai who wakes up from a long sleep of 820 years. He begins his new life as a student. However, his days are interrupted by mysterious attacks from an organization that calls itself “Unions”. This fantasy genre manhwa has been liked by nearly 40 million readers and because of its popularity, the story has been turned into an anime.

Virgo and the Sparklings

fun webtoonVirgo and the Sparklings tells the story of a teenage fantasy drama about a girl named Riani who has the advantage of being able to see the color of people’s voices. Every color he saw had an emotional meaning. Virgo and the Sparklings is the latest version of the story of Virgo, one of the older superheroine characters in the Bumilangit comic book universe. The story of the webtoon, which has garnered more than 11 million fans, has been included in a live action adaptation project that features actress Zara (Dua Garis Biru) as the main character.


fun webtoonThis psychopathic webtoon recommendation with a horror thriller genre tells the story of a celebrity who exposes herself on social media excessively. Various activities to the locations visited are always uploaded in posts on their social media. Instead of being famous, he became the target of a serial killer. Although the visuals look sweet, this comic has a tragic and dark story. You will be curious in every episode. Not infrequently, this Webtoon surprises its readers by presenting an unexpected storyline.

So, those were the recommendations for exciting romantic, fantasy, mystery, and other Webtoons that you can read to get rid of boredom, or to fill your spare time. Is there a title above that you want to read?

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