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Raw Honey and Processed Honey, Which is Better for Sore Throat Symptoms of Omicron?

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Symptoms of Omicron have milder symptoms than the symptoms of the Delta variant of COVID-19. As widely circulated, the symptoms experienced by Omicron patients are sore throats and coughs similar to strep throat. However, this symptom no can be ignored.

If you experience these symptoms and prove positive for Omicron during a laboratory check, it’s a good idea to immediately self-isolate and start consuming foods and drinks that can relieve symptoms, so that your body is comfortable again.

Of the many intakes, honey is often said to be able to relieve sore throats. Quoted from the Health Line, Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) itself recommends honey if your sore throat is accompanied by a cough.

Honey. (Photo: ODINTSOV)

Meanwhile, there are two types of honey on the market that you can choose from, namely raw honey and processed honey. So, which one is better consumed for health?

Difference between Raw Honey and Processed Honey

Raw Honey

Quoted from Health Line, honey contains many nutrients contained in it, which is about 22 amino acids, 31 different minerals, and various vitamins and enzymes.

What’s even more impressive is that raw honey contains nearly 30 types of bioactive plant compounds, called polyphenols. This compound is an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation, the risk of heart disease, and certain cancers.

natural ingredients to fight wrinklesHoney illustration. (Photo: Freepik/Freepik)

Processed Honey

Processed honey or honey that has gone through lengthy processing methods usually tends to be distributed commercially. This honey may contain fewer antioxidants due to the processing method itself.

A study entitled Raw Millefiori Honey is Packed Full of Antioxidant comparing the amount of antioxidants in raw and processed honey from the local market. As a result, they found that raw honey contained up to 4.3 times more antioxidants than processed honey.

Processed Honey Does Not Contain Pollen

As we know, honey is a liquid produced by bees that travel from flower to flower collecting nectar and pollen. Then, the nectar and pollen are carried back to the beehive and become a food source for the bees.

Guide to self-isolation for people infected with Omicron/freepik/benzoixOmicron illustration. (Photo: freepik/benzoix)

Further, pollen or bee pollen known to be very nutritious, because it contains more than 250 substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, micronutrients and antioxidants. In fact, the German Federal Ministry of Health recognizes pollen as a medicine.

In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, Biological and Therapeutic Properties of Bee Pollen: A Review, Pollen can help fight inflammation and improve liver function, it also helps fight heart disease and stroke.

However, processing performed on honey, such as heating and ultrafiltration can remove pollen. This has been proven by an unofficial study in the United States that analyzed 60 samples of commercial honey brands. As a result, 75% of all samples did not contain pollen.

hot drinkHoney tea illustration. / Photo:

In addition, processed honey is also feared to contain added sugar or sweeteners. This concern is a serious matter that arises from all honey consuming countries.

Raw Honey Associated with Many Benefits

Studies show raw honey can help reduce heart disease risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Raw honey also improves wound healing and even treats coughs.

DIY hair mask with honey/Honey illustration. (Photo: / Photo: Dimitrie Hardjo

One component that supports the creation of these benefits is an enzyme called glucose oxidase. This enzyme is claimed to help produce the molecules that give honey its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, these enzymes can be lost by processes such as heating and filtering.

From the explanation compiled from the Health Line, it can be concluded that if you want to get health benefits, that means you have to choose raw honey, yes, Beauties. Usually, you can get raw honey directly from honey producers rather than in stores.


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