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Rarely Realized, Here Are 6 Mistakes That Are Considered Trivial Though Triggers Premature Aging

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In addition to acne or blackheads, other problems such as sagging skin to facial wrinkles are new complaints that are often experienced by young women or commonly called premature aging. The skin’s faster-than-usual process of changing skin makes your face look older when you shouldn’t.

Like other skin disorders, premature aging is also caused by certain factors. Unfortunately, some of you don’t realize and instead get used to making these mistakes every day. Not to mention, various other skin problems that may follow due to unhealthy skin conditions.

Then, what kind of error is this? Here, Beautynesia has summarized a series of simple habits that cause premature aging.

Indiscriminate Eating Pattern

Improper diet causes various skin problems to premature aging/

Food that tastes delicious tends to be not always good for the health of the body as well as the skin. The choice of food menu at random is one of the main factors that interfere with the quality of the skin, so that the face loses its natural beauty, due to improper food components.

As reported from the Prevention page, Eating too many processed foods with high sugar content, salt and preservatives can trigger various skin problems such as acne, allergies to ongoing infections. As a result, the skin becomes more sensitive and signs of premature aging appear slowly.

Underestimating Sleep

Sleeping hours that are not fulfilled properly make the skin look dull easily with the appearance of wrinkles.
Often skipping sleep makes skin sag faster/

Just like important activities such as eating and drinking, sleep is one of the main components of the key to a healthy and happy life. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it can interfere with the quality of your physical, mental and skin health.

Beauties, skipping hours of sleep can reduce skin elasticity because the moisturizing process is not perfect so that the skin is easily wrinkled. Not to mention other skin problems such as acne, dullness, the appearance of bags in the eyes which of course interfere with your appearance. Even though it’s simple, wrong sleep patterns must be addressed immediately because of the long-lasting adverse effects.

Less Activity

Lazy to move makes muscles lose mass and flexibility so they look slack
Lack of movement makes facial skin easy to loosen/

The habit of exercising and being active is proven to be one of the effective steps to slow down the aging process. A study conducted at the University of Birmingham showed a group of people who are used to exercise manage to avoid the aging process, have a perfect immune system and ideal muscle mass.

Conversely, lazy to move makes a person lose mass and flexibility in the muscles so that over time the facial skin begins to loosen and wrinkles are more clearly visible.

Excessive Make-up

Excessive make-up will remove a lot of natural oil so that the lines of wrinkles are clearly visible
Too much make up makes the lines even more obvious/

Beyond its benefits to beautify the face, the use of make up too much is actually one of the triggers for premature aging, you know, Beauties.

Yes, a lot of make up that we use on the skin actually accelerates the premature aging process itself. Launching from The Healthy page, using too much make up can clog pores, and remove a lot of natural oil on the skin, which is the cause of premature aging lines.

This condition is also exacerbated by the chemical content of make up which can damage the health of the skin.

Too Often Use Straws

Sipping drinks too often using a straw makes the lines on the lips look clear.
Wrinkles look more obvious if you drink a straw too often/

Broader than its impact on damaging environmental ecosystems, excessive use of plastic straws can also make the face look old looking older than usual.

Plastic surgeon, Joseph Cruise, MD revealed an interesting fact where the habit of sipping a straw makes the lines on the lips look very clearly. Gradually, this condition will eventually lead to wrinkles on the lips which can further interfere with your perfect appearance.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Happy

The release of a lot of the hormone cortisol when stressed makes the skin lose a lot of collagen so it looks old.
Stress hormones make the face look older/

Mental well-being is often associated with various conditions, such as physical health, successful relationships, and even skin beauty. Recently, research has been found that shows the influence between feeling unhappy and aging on a person.

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that premature aging was more common in people who had bad experiences, excessive sadness and anxiety disorders. The amount of the hormone cortisol, which is released during stress, can weaken collagen, making the skin look older.

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