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On the rise, here are a series of iconic dialogues “All of Us Are Dead” | LINE TODAY

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Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

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The Netflix original series “All of Us Are Dead” is currently a hot topic of discussion among the public. Since its premiere on Friday (28/1), the series, which is based on webtoon it has taken first place in 25 countries, beating the records of “Squid Game” and “Hellbound”.

A few days later, on Tuesday (1/2), the series, starring Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, Lee Yoo Mi and various other young stars, has dominated 46 countries as the most popular Netflix series.

This Korean drama tells the story of a high school that became the zero point of the outbreak of the zombie virus outbreak. The trapped students also have to struggle to escape so as not to get infected and turn into savage.

The director of “All of Us Are Dead”, Lee Jae-kyu revealed the message he wanted to convey through this drama with a total of 12 episodes. For one, he wanted to show how teenagers make decisions in life and death situations, which can serve as lessons for adults.

Life lessons This emanated from the dialogue delivered by the participants cast “All of Us Are Dead”. Are there any dialogues? Come on, let’s discuss!

1. .
museun envious isseodo phogihajima jeoltae
Whatever happens, never give up.
-온조 (On Jo)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix
  1. . .
    eotteon sanghwangi wado jeoltae jukjima. Geurigo nugudo jukke mandeuljima
    Whatever the circumstances may come, never die. Don’t make other people die too,
    -선화쌤 (Master Seonhwa)
Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

oneureun naega i hakkyoeseo jeil haengbokhan nomida
Today I am the happiest person in this school
-청산 (Cheong San)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

4. .
sarameun jeolmange pajin geol hwangin haneun sunggan jinjja jeolmange pajindae
People say that when they realize that they are desperate, they really are
-남라 (Name)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

5. ?
Cheongsan eodi isseo?
Where’s Cheongsan?
-귀남 (Gwi Nam)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

ireum bureumyeon deulkhilkabwa neo joahaneun geo
I’m afraid I’ll get caught if I call your name, (find out) that I like you
-수혁 (Suhyeok)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

7. . . 몫까지 …
nugu deokbune sandaneun geon neomu himdeuro. urine haejul su ittneun ge amugeotdo eopjana. jugeun saram mokkkaji yeolsimi sandaneun geon neomu igijeogijana…
Living thanks to someone is very tiring. We can’t do anything right? Trying so hard to live until you die is very selfish…
-온조 (On Jo)

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

8. . .
myeot myeongeul jugineunji gyesanhajima. myeot myeongeul sallyeoya dwineunjiman saegakhae.
Don’t count how many people will die. Think about how many people will be saved.
-진선무 (Jin Seon Mu)

The following is a list of vocabulary that you can learn from the dialogue above:

1. (phogihada) = give up

2. (sanghwang) = situation

3. (jukta) = dead

4. (hakkyo) = school

5. (jeil) = most

6. (haengbokhada) = happy

7. (saram) = people

8. (jeolmang) = despair

9. (hwaginhada) = check

10. (bureuda) = call

11. (deulkhida) = found out

12. (joahada) = like

13. (igijeok) = selfish

14. (gyesanhada) = count

15. (saegakhada) = think

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