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Not a lack of sleep, these 5 signs of high cholesterol, one of which is easy to fall asleep

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High cholesterol is a condition where cholesterol levels in the body have exceeded normal limits. This condition, also known as hypercholesterolemia, has several symptoms and signs in all parts of the body, from head to toe.

Generally, patients will experience discomfort in certain body parts. That said, high cholesterol levels are more prone to risk from other chronic diseases. This condition is associated with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), strokeperipheral arterial disease (PAP), and type 2 diabetes.

Overcoming Head and Neck Pain / photo of high cholesterol. (Photo :

There is no smoke without fire. A common cause of high cholesterol is usually from high saturated fat in the daily food consumed. In addition, lazy exercise and smoking also trigger high cholesterol. So, what are the signs of high cholesterol? Compiled from CNN Indonesia, here is the review.

Easy to fall asleep

Drowsiness usually comes from lack of sleep or fatigue. However, if drowsiness occurs when your sleep pattern is regular, you need to be vigilant, because this can be a sign that your cholesterol is high.

Blockages in the blood vessels that should supply oxygen to the brain become blocked, which is the reason why you are more easily sleepy. In addition, the body becomes tired easily.

Drinks that can relieve sleepiness/ Photo: Pexels/ George MiltonSleepy illustration. (Photo: Pexels/George Milton)

Chest pain

High cholesterol causes the accumulation of fat in the arteries in the heart. Plaque from the fat then lodges in the blood vessels, causing pain in the chest. The blood supply to the heart is blocked and the chest hurts.

Xanthomas and Xnthelasma

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