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New Drama Acting Police University

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Police University is a 2021 Korean drama that airs on KBS2 by scoring the highest rating of 8.5 percent. The drama tells the story of a lecturer who works with his students to catch the perpetrators of online gambling crimes. Besides that, Police University also features the romance of Jin Young and Krystal Jung.

This year, the cast Police University again showing his acting talent in a number of projects. For those of you who miss their acting, let’s take a peek at the dramas and films they starred in below!

1. Cha Tae Hyun will greet his fans in the Disney+ original drama moving

10 New Dramas for Police University, Krystal Jung ComebackCha Tae Hyun (

2. Airing on March 7, Krystal Jung competes acting with Kim Jae Wook in the drama Crazy Love

3. Moonshine tells the story of the ban on alcohol in the Joseon era. The drama stars Seo Ye Hwa and Byeon Seo Yun

4. Choo Yeong Woo successfully built chemistry with Hwang Bo Reum Byul in drama School 2021

5. Kim Tae Hoon participated in All of Us Are Deada drama that shows the struggles of high school students in the face of zombies

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6. Woo Yong Hee is involved in drama Ghost Doctor with her special appearance as a paramedic

7. Love Twist tells the story of three families with different backgrounds. The drama features Yu Tae Woong’s acting

8. Shin Seung Hwan is lively Now, We Are Breaking Up, drama that presents the romance story of Jang Ki Yong and Song Hye Kyo

9. Kim Young Sun is starring in drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One by playing the role of Nam Joo Hyuk’s mother

10. Krystal Jung is also rumored to have joined the film Cobweb directed by Kim Ji Won

10 New Dramas for Police University, Krystal Jung ComebackKrystal Jung (

The ten Korean dramas and movies above feature impressive acting from the cast Police University. So, just watch their project because there are already many broadcasts. Happy Watching!

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