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Let’s Go on an Adventure to the Magical World of Arcane: League of Legends with Games and Entertainment Promo from GoPay, Up to 90% Cashback

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Netflix never stops producing spectacular shows which in fact always manage to not only attract the attention of its subscribers but also always become a byword in the world’s film audiences. No doubt, this makes Netflix always at the forefront of the world’s streaming service scene to date. Interestingly, this type of Netflix hit program often seems random, so it’s often surprising. This is no different from Netflix’s newest hit recently, the Arcane series: League of Legends.

Carrying an animation format, as stated in the title, this series is adapted from the popular game League of Legends. The story itself explores the life journey of Vi and Jinx from when they were teenagers to adults, and the feud between two cities: Zaun and Piltover. Having a very high production value, making an animated series starring Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnel, and the role of Cho Chang in the Harry Potter saga, Katie Leung as a voice actor not only received a lot of praise but was also recognized as breaking the curse that video game adaptations would not work. when adapted into a film or series. His success even managed to bulldoze the popularity of the previous hit Netflix series, Squid Game.

This success is because the Arcane: League of Legends series has an interesting story even for game players and even ordinary people. This is also true in Indonesia. Especially for fans of the Arcane: League of Legends series as well as League of Legends players in Indonesia, GoPay is holding a promo games and entertainment which provides cashback of up to 90%, which is guaranteed to make it easier for game players to watch the series, or vice versa, non-player audiences who fall in love with the series to try out the game that is the source of the adaptation.

Of course, with this GoPay promo, not only the Arcane: League of Legends series, nor the game version can be watched or played, because this can also be used to top up games and pay for any entertainment application you want.

Promo Games and Entertainment

Click the banner and application icon below to see the details of each promo. So, what are you waiting for, activate GoPay immediately for top up Google Play you.

Promo for New Users

Promo Games and Entertainment

How to Activate GoPay on Google Play

Promo Games and Entertainment

  1. Go to Google Play Store and click Payment Method.
  2. Select Add GoPay as the payment method.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your GoPay PIN. Install the GoPay PIN if it is not already installed.
  5. Yeay! Your GoPay is already installed.
  6. Make in-app and game purchases.
  7. Select GoPay as the payment method and click 1-Tap Buy.

Not only to pay for Netflix or various other entertainment streaming applications, now what do you want to do, everyone can use GoPay. Want to pay for groceries, order GoFood food, pay for GoRide and GoCar, buy monthly necessities, top up credit & data packages and pay bills on GoTagihan, so enjoying your favorite entertainment and top-up games is even easier using GoPay.

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