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Frequent Yawning During the Day? Do These 3 Simple Tips to Overcome Excessive Yawning

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Evaporate is the body’s natural response that generally occurs when you feel bored or sleepy. Its nature that suddenly appears, makes this yawning activity included in the activity involuntary, namely body activities that are regulated by the nervous center. By yawning, the body will flow more oxygen into the brain so that your feeling of saturation is slightly reduced.

Although normal, yawning, especially during the day when interacting with other people or activities, it is often considered a form of impoliteness. Of course this can affect other people’s assessment of you, Beauties! Hmmof course you don’t want to, right, if people think you are impolite due to this yawning habit?

Therefore, let’s try to apply 3 simple tips to deal with excessive yawning the following!

30 Minute Nap

3 Tips to deal with yawning during the day
30 minute nap/Photo: Piacquadio

It is common knowledge that the main factor that triggers a person to yawn is drowsiness. If you yawn frequently during the day, your body may be giving a signal that it needs a break. Sothere is nothing wrong if you start getting used to naps for 15 – 30 minutes per day.

In addition, also make sure that the length of time you sleep at night is well enough, yes! Normally, adults sleep between 7-8 hours per day. Well, for those of you who often stay up late without any urgent need, let’s reduce it from now on!

Take a deep breath

When you breathe deeply, focus and slow, this can help reduce anxiety.Breathing illustration/Photo: Freepik

If it turns out that the cause of your yawning isn’t due to lack of sleep, it’s possible that the flow of oxygen to your brain is lacking. To overcome this, you can regulate your breathing. Take a slow breath in through your nose and out through your mouth as if you were meditating. This serves so that your body gets oxygen levels in greater amounts.

Consuming Cold Food and Drinks

3 Tips to deal with yawning during the day
Consuming cold food and drinks/Photo:

The last tip you can do to reduce the frequency of yawning during the day is to eat cold food or drinks. It turns out that this is not without reason, you know! The demand to concentrate fully on studies or work can actually increase the temperature in the brain so that your vital organs become hot.

Well, so that the temperature returns to normal and you don’t keep yawning, then eating your favorite cold food and drink can be the solution!

What do you think, Beauties, the tips are really easy, right? Come on, try it!


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