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Esom Can’t Return to ‘Taxi Driver’ Season 2

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Who is ready to look forward to Korean dramas Taxi Driver season The second? The second season of Taxi Driver is slated to air in the second half of this year. Taxi Driver tells the story of a mysterious taxi service that provides justice and revenge on behalf of victims who cannot get help from the law.

Talks about a second season have started since July 2021. Unfortunately, one of the main characters in the drama, Esom, was reportedly unable to star in Taxi Driver back due to schedule conflicts.

Clashing with the schedule of some projects

Schedule clashes, Esom confirms not to return to 'Taxi Driver' Season

On March 8th, JoyNews24 reported that Esom decided not to participate in the second season Taxi Driver. In response to the report, Esom’s agency, Artist Company, finally gave a statement regarding Esom’s schedule.

“Finally it has been decided that Esom will not be starring in the SBS drama ‘Taxi Driver 2’. His selection has been discussed, but it’s difficult for him to star in the new season due to scheduling issues.”

Esom himself is preparing to star in upcoming projects including Black Knight, Starlight Falls and Gil Bok Soon (literal title). With Esom stepping down as Kang Hana, the writing team will revise the script season 2.

Esom’s Role in Taxi Driver

Schedule clashes, Esom confirms not to return to 'Taxi Driver' Season

In Taxi Driver Season one, Esom played Kang Hana, an investigator from the Seoul North Prosecutors’ Office. He received a lot of love for his role in the drama.

Even viewers hope that Kang Hanna and Kim Do Gi can sail in the second season. Taxi Driver also brought Esom to win the Best Acting Award in the mini-series genre and fantasy category at the ‘2121 SBS Drama Awards’.

Taxi Driver season 2 is in production

Schedule clashes, Esom confirms not to return to 'Taxi Driver' Season

On July 7, 2021, quoting from Soompi, SBS gave a statement regarding the second season of the drama Taxi Driver. An SBS official told Star Newsthat it is discussing production Taxi Driver season 2 while coordinating time and schedules.

Previously, it was reported that Studio S, producer Taxi Driver, recently decided to produce a second season of the drama with the goal of airing this year. The cast of season 1, Lee Jee Hoon, Kim Eui Seong, Pyo Ye Jin, and Cha Jiyeon, are still being questioned whether they will return in the latest season. The only player confirmed not to be returning is Esom.

That’s the latest news about Esom and Korean dramas Taxi Driver season 2, which will air this year. Ready to wait, Bela?

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