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Don’t panic in the face of unplanned pregnancy, you need to read this

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Experiencing an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy is not easy. However, you can still welcome your little one happily and make new life plans.

You are not alone. Many couples have children, even though they are not planning a pregnancy. This is because before menopause, you can still get pregnant even if you use contraception

Don't panic in the face of unplanned pregnancy, you need to read this - Alodokter

The use of contraceptives does have a high level of effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. However, there is still a risk of getting pregnant if the contraceptive is used not according to the rules. For example, you forget to take birth control pills on schedule, so your chances of getting pregnant are greater.

At least, there are 5 percent of women who “conceive” pregnancy even though they have used contraceptives.

Steps You Need to Do

Unplanned pregnancies can happen at any time, when you are just starting to return to work from maternity leave, when your two children are teenagers, or even when you have sex for the first time.

Even if your pregnancy “came” suddenly, you still have time to prepare. The most important thing is to mentally prepare and make new plans according to the schedule of your little one’s presence. The guide below might help:

1. Be honest about how you feel

This unplanned pregnancy will definitely change your life. The life plan that you have drawn up must change. At this time, you may feel angry, frustrated, surprised, or annoyed. However, let these feelings flow for some time.

To relieve the anxiety you feel, try to write it in a diary. You can also share how you feel with a trusted person. Accepting the fact of pregnancy along with all the feelings that may arise will make it easier for you to determine the next step.

2. Believe in yourself

Women who have planned pregnancy long ago can still feel fear, especially those who experience pregnancy without a plan. So, it’s important to keep believing in yourself and not to force everything to be perfect.

3. Don’t think too much about other people’s opinions

No need to bother thinking about how other people will react or think about your unexpected pregnancy. The most important thing is to think about how you and your baby can live well. Surely many friends or relatives who will not judge and always support you.

4. Imagine a new life with your little one

Imagine you are living a new life with the child you are carrying, whether it is the first, second, or third child. Everything will not be as scary as you think, if you think about positive things.

5. Ask for help if you feel the need

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, especially if you’re going to be a single parent. The sooner you tell people about your pregnancy, such as family and coworkers, the quicker they will adjust.

In addition, don’t hesitate to ask a doctor or psychologist for help, so that you are calmer during pregnancy and after delivery.

6. Learn how to raise children with a close age gap

You just gave birth and breastfeed your first child, but it turns out to be pregnant again outside the plan? You’re not alone, really. Many mothers who experience it and can adapt well. You might be able to ask them for tips about raising two young children at the same time.

7. Manage finances

Unplanned pregnancy will definitely change your financial plans. Come on, start cutting unnecessary expenses and calculate the costs needed for labor and after delivery.

Whether planned or not, every pregnancy will bring various changes. However, remember. Your little one will need a healthy and happy mother. So, don’t forget to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Focusing on the positive can help you through the bad times.

Congratulations on preparing for your little one’s arrival!

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