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Beware of 9 Signs Your Body Consumes Too Much Sugar, From Weakness to Insomnia

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Consuming sugar or other sweet foods is often done by many people, especially for those who are sweet food lovers. However, it must be remembered and watched out, Beauties.

Consuming excessive sugar will be bad for the body, to trigger various types of diseases such as diabetes. To avoid this, there are several signs on the body that show you are consuming too much sugar!

Body Feels Weak

Illustration of a weak body condition/ Photo:

Usually, the body is weak due to lack of fluids due to dehydration, but it can also be affected by high sugar consumption, Beauties. In addition, the body also experiences a deficit of fiber, fat, and protein which makes insulin levels experience a faster secretion process to stabilize blood sugar.

This will result in a very rapid drop in sugar levels, after which you will feel a spike in energy, followed by a drastic decrease in energy that makes the body feel weak.

Experiencing Insomnia

Causes of insomnia at night even though the body feels tired/freepik/benzoixIllustration of the condition of the body experiencing insomnia/ Photo: freepik/benzoix

Beauties, which of you often experiences sleeplessness or insomnia? Need to watch out, it could be because your body consumes too much sugar, you know.

When your body receives a lot of excessive sugar intake, it can trigger an unbalanced energy release process when you sleep or rest. This condition also affects the production of melatonin (a hormone that regulates sleep rhythms) which is inhibited, so you tend to be restless and have difficulty sleeping or insomnia.

Always Feeling Hungry

One of the main reasons why you don't feel hungry when you wake up is because you had a large dinner or snack the night before.Illustration of body condition that always feels hungry/ Photo:

When you always feel hungry even though you have eaten a lot of food, this is a sign that your body is consuming too much sugar. In addition, sugar itself does not contain protein or fiber, so it will not make you feel full, Beauties.

Furthermore, sugar can increase blood sugar levels drastically, but at the same time also rapidly decrease. This will result in the emergence of feelings of ‘hungry’ excess to the body that wants more sugar consumption.


PimpleIllustration of acne skin condition/ Photo:

Not only because they are often exposed to the sun or are not suitable when using skincare, facial skin with acne is also caused by high sugar consumption in the body.

The results of the study show that people who like to consume sugar to excess tend to have skin that is prone to breakouts.

In addition to these 3 signs, you can see other signs that your body is consuming too much sugar hereyes!


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