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A trophy from the Berlin International Film Festival for the film Nana

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This time, the Berlin International Film Festival 2022 awarded the SILVER BEAR award to actress Laura Basuki for the film Nana (Before, Now & Then) by Kamila Andini.

The delegation from the “Before, Now & Then (NANA)” film team itself left for Berlinale on February 8, 2022 with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture Research and Technology, MLD Spot, Deltomed, and the West Java Provincial Tourism and Culture Office.

Through online channels, it feels like distance is not a problem, when the interview process is carried out and this happiness is also felt by Indonesia, especially Indonesian film lovers.

But what is Laura Basuki’s role in this film? The following is a summary of the interview with Laura Basuki, see only here.

This is a universal story, so it can be accepted into the Berlin International Film Festival 2022, this is a story about people who make mistakes, but we can still love them. So about the strengths and weaknesses of the main character, conveyed so straightforwardly in this film. There are feelings or the fate of a woman which is determined by political conditions or the situation of the times, this is very universal and can happen anywhere. Here, human feelings are conveyed to flow with time, so this periodic creation will be interesting.

Laura Basuki gets the role of a woman named Ino (Laura Basuki), Nana’s husband’s mistress who she never knew before.

He Of course, he was very happy to get this role, he also followed the direction of the director, because he believed in the works of Kamila Andini, this can also be said to be a kind of challenge so that he can suppress the ego to be able to play a role according to the direction of the director. He also tries to overcome all obstacles, so that what Kamila Andini wants to convey can be conveyed to the audience.

As for the filming process, Laura also said that she most often spoke with the character Nana, in order to dive into her role.

Nana’s own film, has released its first international trailer, as below

In the trailer it is heard that the dialogue uses Sundanese language, to the use of the Sundanese song Djaleleudja, this song was produced by Jamin Widjaja and Indrawati Widjaja from Bali Records (Musica Studio’s).

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