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7 Recommendations for Cartoon Movies for Children in the Holiday Season

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PeekCeleb – Cartoon films are a mainstay for children. Ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the holiday season for your little one has arrived. During a pandemic, activities at home seem fun if they are filled with watching.

For those of you who have small children near you, such as children, nephews, younger siblings, and other small relatives, definitely want to give a spectacle according to their age. Where cartoons have become one of the mainstays for your little one.

Fun cartoons can be a way to educate children’s characters if they contain age-appropriate values ​​and do not contain adult elements. Especially if what the child is watching is his favorite hit cartoon. Cartoon films can also be recorded well in the child’s brain if the story, appearance of the characters, and the atmosphere make him happy.

So it is not surprising that many children imitate the character of a cartoon. To find out what cartoons are suitable to fill free time for children, IntipSeleb will provide recommendations for those of you who are confused. Don’t worry, you can check in full below so you’re not curious about the list of cartoons. What are you waiting for, check it out!



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This cartoon film will definitely be remembered by the children, especially the boys. The reason is, this film tells the story of a group of cars and other vehicles that can talk. Wow, the kids imagine that the cars can talk too.

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