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6 2022 Korean Dramas With Lack of Romance, Still Fun

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This year, there are many Korean dramas that have been and are ready to air to fill your days. Some of them have stories that cover little or no romantic scenes at all.

Even so, stories like this are no less exciting and interesting to watch. Below is a series of dramas that you can watch if you don’t really like it or just want to watch a little romantic scene. For those who want to watch, here list the drama!

1. Juvenile Justice

For those who don’t really like stories romancedrama Juvenile Justice which aired on February 25, 2022, could be the right choice of viewing. The drama, starring Kim Hye Soo, explores the legal world that is different from usual, about a judge who tries to try troubled teenagers.

Not only Kim Hye Soo, the story is also supported by cool acting from a series of other famous stars, such as Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, to Lee Jung Eun. No less cool, in the process of making this drama, Hong Jong Chan, the director of the drama Doctor Stranger (2014) in collaboration with Kim Min Sook, the writer of the film Notebook from My Mother (2018).

2. All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead is a drama directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, drama director King2Hearts (2012) which is still attracting attention. In addition to the school setting, the cast also involves a number of young stars, such as Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Jo Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, to Yoo In Soo.

Even though there are some scenes romance, but most of the story will feature a zombie virus that attacks and paralyzes the entire city. The emergence of the zombie virus started when a student was bitten by a rat from the teacher life sciences, Lee Byung Chan (Kim Byung Chul).

3. Grid

For drama fans aaction, thriller, mystery, until sci-fi, Grid it’s still live and can be seen on Disney+. The drama, directed by Lee Khan and Lee Soo Yeon, features many main characters, such as Seo Kang Joon, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Si Young, to Kim Sung Kyun.

The drama is about Earth which has survived the solar wind disaster under the protection of Grid, the planet’s defensive shield. A Bureau employee encounters a killer and a detective is sent to catch the killer.

While chasing a fugitive, he witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon. The Ghost from the past reappears after 24 years and unexpectedly conspires with criminals. This is a drama thriller who pursue the mysterious truth behind what saved humanity from the apocalypse.

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4. Tracer

Starring Im Si Wan, Son Hyun Joo, Go Ah Sung, and Park Yong Woo, Tracer become one of the dramas that are no less exciting to watch. This MBC drama that covers the world of taxation has even received an overwhelming response in the season 1 with the highest rating of 8.6 percent in the 3rd episode.

Directed by Lee Seung Young, director of Voice 2 (2018), Tracer tells the story of Hwang Dong Joo, head of the 5th taxation division at the National Tax Service. He worked hard to track down the money that was hidden from the tax service. His team includes Seo Hye Young, who has a bright personality and her boss is Oh Young.

Meanwhile, In Tae Joon is the director of the local tax office. He is an ambitious and arrogant man, who has reached his peak through corrupt and illegal acts.

5. Ghost Doctor

A drama that also features a few scenes romance which airs in 2022 is Ghost Doctor. Later, the story will combine the worlds of medicine and fantasy. A genius doctor has an accident, then appears as a ghost who enters the body of another doctor.

The two have very contrasting differences both in terms of personality and talent. Aired on iQiyi, this drama became very interesting especially with the appearance of Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Na Eun. Not only that, the director who worked on this drama is also Boo Sung Chul from the drama My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010) and The Heirs (2013).

6. Through the Darkness

Became another crime-themed drama, Through the Darkness (2022) can be a fun spectacle if you don’t really like themed dramas romance. In addition to telling the story of Seoul, South Korea, in the 1990s gripped by terror and a series of brutal murders from the figure of Red Hat, this drama is based on the experience of a criminal profiler.

Not only about the story, this drama is also a drama starring Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu, to Kim So Jin. The drama that can be watched on Viu is a collaboration of director Park Bo Ram and two writers Seol Yi Na and Kwon Il Yong.

Although some of them add little or no story at all romance, but the storyline of the drama is very exciting and interesting. So, for you fans, the drama above is a must enter list your show!

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