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5 Ways to Use the Right Test Pack and Types of Test Packs

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Waiting for pregnancy after marriage is an important moment for every couple. Therefore, couples, especially women, must know and understand some of the preparations for detecting pregnancy, one of which is how to use a test pack. An easy way that is widely known is to dip the test pack into the urine. However, it turns out that the use of test pack not that simple you know.

Because if you choose the wrong test pack most likely to get inaccurate results. Here’s how to use test pack which is easy and correct.

1. Understand what a test pack is

Here are 5 Ways to Use the Right Test

First you have to understand first what it is test packs. test pack is a tool for detecting pregnancy through hormones human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) contained in urine. Hormonal development occurs after the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. When using the tool test pack The right pregnancy test results can be up to 99 percent accurate.

2. The test pack tool has been certified

Here are 5 Ways to Use the Right Test

Try to buy tools test pack who already have certification. Usually a number of pharmacies and supermarkets provide quality test packs. Just like other products, test pack It also has an expiration date. So you should research before buying it.

because of tools test pack which has exceeded the date of use will affect the results of the tests performed. So that the tool is difficult to provide accurate test results.

3. Use the test pack at the right time

Here are 5 Ways to Use the Right Test

Choosing the right time can determine success when using test packs. It is recommended to use test pack after experiencing a delay in menstruation 2 weeks after the last time having sex. Because that time is an opportunity for the hCG hormone to develop and increase.

In order to get accurate results, it is recommended to use test pack in the morning. Where the body has not consumed too much drinking water. While during the day, tools test pack it is difficult to detect the hormone hCG because urine tend to be runny.

4. Know the type of test pack before using it

Here are 5 Ways to Use the Right Test

Pregnant women should know that test pack have three different types. Each test pack has the opportunity to detect early pregnancy. Among them:

  • Digital test packstool test pack one is the millennial generation’s choice to find out about pregnancy. Digital test packs Has a strip at the end to absorb urine. After being dripped with urine, the results will appear on a small screen in the form of symbols or writing.
  • Test pack strips, this one tool is made of plastic. Usually pregnant women will be asked to put urine in the container provided. Then, test pack dipped in urine for 10 seconds.
  • Pregnancy cassette testtool test pack this one is a stick. Urine which has been prepared will be sucked into the pipette and then dripped slowly on the tip sticks.

5. Understand the test pack results

Here are 5 Ways to Use the Right Test

After test pack used, you have to wait for 10 minutes to get accurate results. If the results show symbols, lines or vague writing, retest can be done. Because every test pack have different sensitivity to the hormone hCG. If within a week you haven’t had your period, you can try again test packbecause the previous time the hCG hormone was still low.

During this pregnancy test, it is advised not to take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol and stay up late.

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