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5 causes of vaginal pain after intercourse and the solution

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Intimate activities such as sex should be able to provide pleasure to each partner. However, in fact not every woman feels this way. Not a feeling of pleasure or pleasure, not a few women who actually feel vaginal pain or pain in their intimate parts after having sex. What do you think causes vaginal pain after intercourse? Let’s read below!

1. You have an infection

This is the reason why the vagina hurts after

Infections in the intimate organs not only cause itching and discomfort, but can also cause pain. You could have a fungal or bacterial infection. To treat it, you need the help of a doctor.

2. There is not enough vaginal lubrication

This is the reason why the vagina hurts after

Vaginal lubrication is a fluid that occurs when there is sexual arousal. When the fluid that comes out is only a little, then the intimate organs will feel dry so that it can cause serious irritation. If this happens, what you can do is to use lotion for intimate organs. Foreplay A good one can also help avoid pain you know.

3. Size Mr. P the him

This is the reason why the vagina hurts after

Mr. Size P can also be one of the causes of pain in your intimate organs, you know. For that, it is important to always do foreplay so that the vagina ‘get used to’. Well, to relieve aches or pains, you can compress your intimate organs with a warm towel.

4. Sex that is too rough or too fast

This is the reason why the vagina hurts after

Sex that is too rough or rushed can also cause pain. If you experience this, it’s a good idea to compress the lips of your intimate organs using a cold towel. This will reduce pain and provide a sense of comfort in the intimate organs.

5. There is a serious illness

This is the reason why the vagina hurts after

If the pain you feel is long enough or always occurs after intercourse, then you may have a serious illness such as endometriosis. The only way is for you to see a doctor for proper treatment.

That’s 5 info about the causes of vaginal pain after intercourse, hopefully useful, Bela.

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