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15 Recommended Korean Dramas for March 2022, Ready to Accompany Holidays at Home! | TheAsianparent

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March 2022 seems to be starting with a long holiday. In the midst of this good news, there is further good news for Korean drama lovers aka K-drama. To fill this long holiday, there are several recommendations for Korean dramas that are currently and will air in March 2022, lo!

Some of these Dramas are actually included in the list of dramas that will air in February. However, due to the pandemic situation, some of the broadcasts were finally postponed from what was scheduled.

So, what are the lists of Korean dramas that can be watched in March? Launching various sources, check out the following list!

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Recommended Korean Drama March 2022

1. Forecasting Love and Weather

korean drama march 2022

K-drama lovers will be back swaying with Song Kang as Lee Shi Woo and Park Min-young as Jin Ha Kyung in this series. Even though it’s been airing since mid-February 2022, but vibes this drama continues to be in the hearts of K-drama lovers.

This Korean drama is about life at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Jin Ha Kyung has chosen to isolate himself from his other colleagues, because he prefers to play with books aka nerds.

He even separates his personal and professional life. However, when the free-spirited Lee Shi Woo is hired, he impresses Jin Ha Kyung through his wit and obsession with the weather. He slowly started breaking down the barriers that Jin Ha Kyung had built around his heart.

2. Thirty-Nine

Three girls who met each other during their sophomore year of high school, remained friends over the years and are now all on the verge of turning 40. With such an important birthday, the trio still has a lot to achieve as lessons in love, career and family matters.

3. A Business Proposal

korean drama march 2022

Shin Ha Ri has been single for a long time and has had a crush on her friend for years. However, knowing that he had a girlfriend, made him very sad. He also asked for support from his friend, Jin Young Seo.

Young Seo asks Ha Ri to go on a blind date on her behalf. However, who would have thought that his date was none other than Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company he works for.

4. Military Prosecutor Doberman

korean drama march 2022

The Korean drama Military Prosecutor Doberman, as the name suggests, is a military action drama that tells the story of Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In. The story in the March 2022 Korean drama is also quite tense.

Do Bae Man is a good man who becomes a military prosecutor for success and money, while Cha Woo In comes from a rich family, but becomes a military prosecutor for revenge. Together they worked together and learned about corruption within the military and overcame common difficulties.

5. Showtime Begins! (4 March)

The Korean drama March 2022 Showtime Begins tells the story of Cha Cha Woong, a magician with extraordinary talent, not only extraordinary talent as a magician, but also the ability to interact with extraordinary spirits.

On the other hand, Go Seul Hye is a police officer who works hard day by day.

One day, he meets Cha Cha Woong, little does he know that this meeting will lead him to an exciting and magical journey of finding bad people and solving difficult criminal cases. The story becomes interesting after they start to develop chemistry with each other.

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6. Crazy Love (March 7)

korean drama march 2022

Crazy Love is a Korean drama that tells about someone who pretends to lose his memory after receiving a death sentence from someone.

This drama revolves around the life of Noh Go Jin, a successful Mathematics teacher who receives a death sentence and begins to live in fear knowing he will die in the near future. He hoped that by pretending to have amnesia, the death sentence would be overturned.

On the other hand, Lee Shin ah is the secretary of Go Jin, a young woman who only has a limited amount of time to live, even though she lives a good life as an honest and hard-working person.

7. Kill Heel (March 9)

Kill Heel is a Korean drama that shows us the real competition of three ambitious women in the shopping industry. Each of them strives to outperform the other and win the competition in the sales department. Both have a strong desire to achieve success in the industry home shopping.

8. A Superior Day (March 13)

korean drama march 2022

This March 2022 Korean drama adds to the line series based on webtoon that tells the story thriller about an ordinary man whose life has just received a big shock after learning that his daughter was kidnapped by a hitman to force him to kill a professional serial killer who lives next door to him.

This drama tells the life of three characters, Lee Ho Cheol, Kwon Shi Woo, and Bae Tae Jin.

Ho Cheol is a father who works as a firefighter. Shi woo, is a serial killer who is famous throughout the country and Tae Jin is a hitman who kidnapped Ho Cheol’s daughter to force Ho Cheol to kill Shi Woo within 24 hours.

If you like watching suspense thriller types, then this might be the one to watch.

9. The Kings of Pigs (March 18)

The Kings of Pigs is a Korean drama that will thrill our hearts. This drama tells the story of two people who become victims bullying and violence twenty years ago when they were little. Now as they grow, they have one mission to punish evil. However, one ends up being a serial killer and one becoming a cop.

This March 2022 Korean drama revolves around three characters, Hwang Kyung Min, Jung Jong Suk and Kang Jin A. Hwang Kyung Min is someone who was bullied 20 years ago who appears to be a normal, happy person who enjoys life with his family.

Jung Jong Suk is also a victim of bullying 20 years ago who is now working as a detective who receives a mysterious message from his old friend. Together with Kang Jin A, a charismatic and passionate detective, they try to find the message to stop more murders.

10. Why Her? (March 18)

Why Her is one of the must-watch March Korean dramas, for reasons of the legal K-drama genre and the great chemistry between Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun JIn.

This legal drama is about the lives of Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan.

Soo Jae is someone who is forced to work as a professor despite being the best lawyer at the best law firm in Korea. Gong Chan is a protagonist with a painful past. Together they overcome life’s difficulties and learn more about themselves.

11. Pachinko (March 25)

korean drama march 2022

Pachinko is a drama comeback Lee Min ho in 2022. Tells the story of the hopes and dreams of a Korean family who moved to Japan during the country’s occupation of a then unified Korea, as well as their involvement in World War II.

This drama revolves around the life of Kim Sun-Ja, a Busan girl who falls in love with Koh Han Su. She was already pregnant when she found out that Koh Han Su was already married to someone else.

Devastated by her situation, a church pastor comes and saves her life by marrying her. She and her husband, Baek Isak, moved to Japan and gave birth to their child there. Living in Japan during that period of time was no joke, they had to overcome discrimination, racism, and struggles.

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12. Tomorrow (March 25)

Tomorrow is the story of Joon Woong who meets the Grim Reaper who has a unique mission and is contrary to what we learn and know about the Grim Reaper. This grim reaper was sent to prevent suicide and save lives rather than take someone’s life.

Joon Woong is an ordinary young man and fresh graduate who struggles in life to find the job he needs after graduation. He meets Goo Ryun and im Ryung Goo, two grim reapers on a mission to prevent suicide. Joon Woong ends up joining the team to save lives.

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13. The Present Is Beautiful (March 26)

The Present Is Beautiful is a Korean family drama that tells the story of three brothers, Lee Yoon-jae, Lee Hyun-jae, and Lee Soo-jae. Yoon Jae is the oldest and competent dentist. Hyun Jae, the middle child, is now a proficient lawyer, while Soo Jae is about to achieve his dream of becoming a civil servant.

Marriage is none of their business, they are focused on achieving their goals and being happy in their lives, until their parents persuade them to get married by promising an apartment for the first to marry.

14. The Murderer’s Shopping List (March 30)

The Murderer’s Shopping List is a K-drama based on the Korean novel of the same title, focusing on issues that occur in Korea, namely Stalking and Child Abuse. This show adds to the length of the March 2022 Korean drama series.

This drama is about Ahn Dae Sung and Do Ah Hee.

Ahn Dae Sung is an ordinary cashier with an observant personality and excellent memory. Do Ah Hee is a police officer and boyfriend of Ahn Dae Sung.

One day, a mysterious murder case occurs near Ahn Dae Sung’s workplace. The only clue he got was a receipt issued from where Ahn Dae Sung worked. Together they solve a murder case.

15. Soundtrack #1

This Korean drama has a genre family-romancetells the story of two close friends who start living together for two weeks, after knowing each other for 20 years.

Sun Woo is a rookie photographer and Eun Soo is a lyricist. Once they live together, they start to develop feelings for each other and their relationship develops.

That’s the recommendation for the March 2022 Korean drama that must be watched by K-drama lovers as well as to fill the holiday time. Parents which one will you watch first?


Korean Drama March 2022

12 New Kdramas To Watch In March 2022!

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