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Wow, These 7 Video Game Weapons Have Been Realized in the Real World

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Man at Arms is one of my favorite YouTube channels. That’s because they often make weapons that are in games and what’s interesting is that those weapons are not common.

An example is the weapon of games Hello named Gravity Hammer. How heavy is it if it is actually realized? How unique is that weapon too? Well, here is a list of the best weapons from the world games ever made in the series Man at Arms.

1. Gunblade

This is the weapon of the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Squall Leonhart. The weapon that is owned is very unique because it combines the concept of revolver with a sword.

In the gamesnya, if you press R2 at the right time, it will trigger revolverher and give damage addition. Of course that doesn’t apply in the real world, but you can see how sharp this sword is.

2. Keyblades

Taken from the Kingdom Heart series, the keyblade is a strange weapon. The combination of the key shape with the sword makes this sword not look like other sharp swords.

The shape doesn’t support fighting, but that’s why this sword needs to be made. There are two keyboard already created: standard version and oathkeeper version.

3. War fans

This weapon belongs to Kitana from the Mortal Kombal series. The beautiful princess who has martial arts abilities as well as the ability as an assassin uses a fan as her weapon.

However, not just any fan. This fan that has five blades will become a fairly large knife when folded. It should also be remembered, war fan also powerful to throw and yes, in Man at Arms it is proven this weapon can be thrown.

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4. Shovel blade

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One more sword that joins the concept of other items. This time the sword was combined with the concept of a spade and carried by the Shovel Knight, the knight carrying the shovel.

The result of the cultivated sword Man at Arms This is interesting because rather than being a sword, shovel blade even more spade-shaped. Yes, Man at Arms just make an ordinary shovel so sharp it can cut a watermelon.

5. Buster blade

It’s incomplete if you don’t include Cloud Strife’s sword from Final Fantasy VII. Like size buster bladethat greatsword had an unreasonable weight.

To actually carry and swing it, it takes two people to set it up. This proves that Cloud has an unreasonable physique to the point where he can swing buster blade alone easily.

6. Hidden blade

If you play Assassin’s Creed, you will know there will be a secret weapon that is the hallmark of an Assassin. The weapon is a small knife blade hidden between the fingers where it will appear when you want to stab it.

Unlike ordinary swords, a throwing mechanism is needed to make this weapon appear suddenly but not fire. it becomes the challenge of Man at Arms in episode hidden blade.

7. Blade of Chaos

As a Spartan, Kratos is fairly strong. Blade of chaos what the god of war is holding doesn’t look big, but in the Man at Arms series it is known that the weapon is quite heavy.

For one sword alone weighs four kilograms, not including the chain. That means Kratos himself has carried a load of approximately eight kilograms in his hand. Even for the weapon cultivator in Man at Arms Even those who have a large body say that this weapon is quite heavy.

There are many more weapons they make. That doesn’t include weapons from famous and popular movie characters, including those from Marvel and DC. Yep, there are weapons from Wonder Woman to Captain America’s shield that were worked on Man at Arms. What do you think is the most interesting weapon ever worked on Man at Arms?

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