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Watugede Hill Tour in Gunung Kidul that You Must Visit

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Yogyakarta is still a tourist destination for tourists from various regions. It’s only natural because Jogja is indeed enchanting. The culture, nature, and also the simple but unpretentious atmosphere of the city make tourists want to come back to Jogja. And this is what makes Yogyakarta never empty of tourists. Jogja is not only limited to the Palace and Malioboro. More than that, if explored more deeply, Yogyakarta will display a charming natural wealth.

One way to explore the nature of Yogyakarta is to visit Gunung Kidul as a tourist destination. There you will find many beaches, natural attractions in the form of hills, and also many other tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul. Currently, there is one of the interesting natural attractions in Gunung Kidul, namely Bukit Watugede Gunung Kidul. Here are some explanations about this one tourist attraction.

The beauty of Watugede Hill

The Watugede Hill tourist attraction in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta is one of the new natural attractions and its name is not yet very popular among tourists outside Jogja. So that this tourist attraction is considered an Unknown Jogja Tourist Place. Very suitable for those of you who don’t really like crowds when traveling. As the name suggests, Watugede Hill is a hill that looks like a watugede. Watu in Javanese is Batu while Gede in Javanese is big. So that this hill is shaped like a big rock that rises in the middle of the forest.

Of course, Bukit Watugede Gunung Kidul is suitable for connoisseurs of nature tourism and likes the natural beauty of mountains or green hills. Moreover, Gunung Kidul is also an area that has abundant natural wealth. This location is also a suitable place to enjoy the thin mist of the hills. The thin white mist will blend with the green of the trees, and this will give you a sense of calm.

The right time to visit this Cheap Jogja Tourist Place is in the morning or in the afternoon. Where visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of a very exotic sunrise or sunset. But to get a really beautiful impression, you should come in the morning. Apart from having a beautiful sunrise, light fog in the morning will certainly make the atmosphere more beautiful and warm.

Activities at Watugede Hill

Activities at Watugede HillFor those of you who are curious about what can be done at Watugede Hill, Gunung Kidul, here are some interesting things to find there.

  • Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty from the top of a large rock hill. When climbing to the top, visitors can enjoy the natural panorama in the form of a green forest and seems to have no end.
  • There are gazebo facilities so that visitors can enjoy the atmosphere in the gazebos while resting.
  • Carry out outbound activities and other outdoor tourism activities such as extreme sports, downhill and so on.
  • Taking pictures can also be one of the interesting activities to do, especially the natural beauty that is there is also quite interesting to be immortalized with a camera. But still pay attention to the safety of yourself and your traveling companions when taking pictures.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the sunrise, sunset, complete with a thin fog that begins to fall in the forests around the hills.

Those are some exciting activities that can be done at Watugede Hill for tourists. It turns out that even though it is a new tourist attraction that is not widely known by tourists from outside Jogja, the facilities in this place are quite complete. Here are some of the facilities there.

  • Camping Area, which can be used by visitors to camp in the wild to wait for the sunrise the next day.
  • Downhill, which is one of the sports facilities in the wild in the form of a bicycle from a hill.
  • Extreme Sport, which is an extreme sport in a tourist attraction for lovers of adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities.
  • Gazebo, which is suitable to be used as a resting location while enjoying the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Outbound, with various facilities that are suitable for enjoying the existing atmosphere while having fun activities.
  • Spot Selfie, suitable for tourists who like to take pictures with beautiful natural backgrounds.
  • Parking lot, to facilitate the vehicles of the visitors.
  • Toilet, which is equipped with clean water for visitors.
  • Track Motor Trail, which is one of the facilities for visitors who like challenges.

Location of Watugede Hill

The Mount Kidul Watugede tourist attraction is located in Padukuhan Sinom, Kedungpoh Village, Nglipar District, Gunungkidul. This location can be reached from downtown Jogja by following the following route.

  • From Jogja, head towards the Sambi Pitu T-junction then take a left turn until you meet the Nglegi T-junction.
  • From the Nglegi T-junction, take a right to find a T-junction after the eucalyptus forest. Take a left turn until you meet the Kedungpoh Village Hall.
  • From Kedungpoh Village Hall, take a left turn until you find an incline. This climb has a gate made of bamboo.
  • From the gate, take a right turn and follow the road until you reach the Watugede Hill tourist attraction.

That’s the route to get to this tourist attraction. This route is quite difficult to access because the road will be in the form of rocky climbs and descents. We recommend that before visiting there, make sure the condition of the vehicle and the physical is in prime condition so that you can enjoy the atmosphere more comfortably. Also bring some food supplies in case you get hungry on the way. You can also visit other tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul such as Luweng Sampang Waterfall, the beach, and also the Nglanggeran Embung.

Watugede Hill Entrance Ticket Price

Visitors do not need to worry about running out of pocket money when visiting Watugede Hill because this tourist attraction does not charge an expensive rate. Visitors only need to prepare IDR 5,000 per person. Very cheap isn’t it? Although cheap, this tourist attraction is quite complete with facilities. However, access to it is not as easy as other tourist objects. If you and your partner like outdoor activities, then this place can also be used as one of the Cheapest Honeymoon Places in Indonesia.

Those are some explanations about Watugede Hill in Gunung Kidul that you need to know as one of the new natural attractions in Jogja. Hopefully the explanation above is useful for you.

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