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Want to Be a Climber? Pay attention to 5 Tips for Climbing a Mountain for the First Time

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Everyone has a different goal when going up the mountain. Starting from just traveling to just wanting to exist on social media. But behind all of these goals, mountain climbing is quite an extreme and dangerous activity, especially for those who have no experience at all. The tough terrain to the bone-chilling cold air becomes the daily food of mountain climbers. Well, for those of you who really want to feel the sensation of climbing a mountain for the first time, here Tips for climbing the mountain for the first time

1. Find as much information as possible

The main tips for climbing the mountain for the first time are to find as much information as possible about the mountain you are going to. You can dig up a lot of information, starting from the meeting point, starting time for climbing, climbing tracks, how long it takes to climb, the air temperature there and much more. What’s more, with the climbing terrain that you will pass later.

Of course, if you get as much information as possible, you will be better prepared to climb the mountain later. The information obtained can be through the internet, the experiences of friends who have climbed the mountain to the nature lover community. However, for beginners to really train, the mountain in question is an easy mountain. Do not mountain with heavy terrain and take days – days to get to the top.

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2. Complete your climbing gear

Complete your climbing gear

Tips for climbing the mountain the next time are no less important, namely completing your climbing equipment or equipment. You can list beavers – whatever items are needed for climbing, either through a gadget or a piece of paper. The mandatory hiking equipment is a mountain bag, mountain shoes, jacket, sleeping bad, stove, tent, track pole, flashlight, hat and much more.

You can rent all of these equipment, except for jackets and mountain shoes. Therefore, if you really want to climb, first complete all these items. Saving to get these items is the solution. Don’t let it be because you don’t have money, you only use things as needed.

Remember, the mountain is not a place to be conquered, but how we can enjoy God’s creation. The main purpose of climbing the mountain is not the peak, but the main goal is how we return safely to home.

3. Take care of your health and fitness

Take care of your health and fitness

Tips for climbing the mountain for the first time, the next and no less important is maintaining health and body fitness. Some mountains have terrain that is quite difficult and physically and physically draining. If your physical and energy are not taken care of, then you will easily feel tired. In fact, many cases of people died on the mountain just from exhaustion.

You really have to pay attention to this, who knows your physical self is yourself. Before going up the mountain is done, really do physical activity. One of the physical activities that can be done is by exercising. At least, at least 1 month of exercise before going up the mountain is done. Sports that can be done are running, push ups, sit ups, back ups or cycling.

The most important thing before going up the mountain is to strengthen the leg muscles and keep breathing. But do not underestimate other sports. Don’t forget to complete it with vitamins and supplements so that your health and body fitness will be maintained until you are ready to climb the mountain later.

4. Manage logistics well

Manage logistics well

Tips for climbing the mountain for the first time, the next is to organize your luggage properly, especially for food and drinks. The reason is, when going up the mountain, the energy needed must be enough or even more. Try to bring sweet foods and drinks as an energy boost, preferably honey or candy. So while walking you can eat candy or honey so that the energy is not drained.

Also, try not to bring too many noodles. Most of the climbers will bring noodles as their main meal. This is not recommended though. Noodles are indeed an easy food to carry. But noodles are not good for health. Although it has a high carbohydrate content for an energy boost. Just eating noodles will only make you hungry and drained of energy.

At least bring a pack or two of rice. In addition, also bring chocolate and mineral water at least 2 liters for the hike. Not only food and drinks, you also have to bring the clothes you will wear later. Better, clothes for climbing are clothes that can absorb sweat well.

In addition, avoid using jeans or thick pants because they can make it difficult for you to move. After all, jeans that are wet with sweat will be difficult to dry and heavy. The most important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable and don’t make it difficult for you to move

5. Parents’ intentions, prayers and blessings before climbing

Parents' intentions, prayers and blessings before climbing

Tips for climbing the mountain the first time this one is very important for you to do. Everything in nature is the creation of God Almighty, therefore it is very important to seek His protection, salvation and avoid things – things that are not desirable. Therefore, so that everything can go according to plan, of course praying to God is a mandatory thing that you must do.

That way, you will stay safe and always in His protection. In addition, by praying your heart and mind will also be more calm and serene. So that later when you will climb the mountain you will be more prepared, comfortable and think more logically, clearly and rationally. That way, you can enjoy the pleasures of God on this one.

But praying alone is not enough, before actually climbing the mountain, you must also ask for the blessing and prayer of both parents. With the prayers and blessings of parents will facilitate your journey later. Also make sure that people at home, friends or family know about your climbing schedule.

Starting from when the climb will be done, how long and when you will return. Don’t forget to also tell the location of the mountain you are going to climb and who will be joining the climbing group. Before actually starting the climb, let other people know. Remember, take the time to tell us in detail how you are from the trip. That way, if they don’t hear from you within the allotted time, they can notify the authorities.

Those are some tips for climbing the mountain the first time you need to prepare. Actually there are still many tips that you have to prepare, one of which is a climbing permit. But the tips above are the main tips for those of you who are climbing for the first time. Remember, while climbing always follow the existing rules, don’t hesitate to ask for a break if you are tired and always keep nature clean. Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

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