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Upside Down World Tour Jogja that You Must Visit

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Traveling is always fun. Especially now that there are many interesting tourist attractions to visit while on vacation. One of the highlights is visiting Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta does have its own charm to be visited. Apart from having a variety of cultures and interesting historical tours, Jogja also has a fairly complete natural beauty. From mountains to oceans, everything is in Jogja. So do not be surprised if tourists will still come there.

The phenomenon of social media has also recently influenced tourist interest in tourists. If in the past there were more tourists who wanted to travel to nature tourism or tours with many rides, nowadays there may be more tourists who want to come to attractions that have interesting and unique photo spots. For those of you who happen to be planning to go to Jogja and want to take pictures in interesting and unique places, try coming to the Hunfot Place in Jogja Upside Down World Jogja because there you can take pictures upside down or upside down.

The Uniqueness of Upside Down World Yogyakarta

Basically Upside Down World is a tourist spot with the concept of various interesting and unique photo spots. As explained above, the uniqueness of Upside Down World Jogja is the photo spot that allows visitors to take photos as if they were in an upside down room. This tourist attraction can of course provide its own fun and add to the photo collection of visitors with unusual photos.

This Photo Spot in Jogja was only opened in July 2016, so it is still relatively new. Although it is a new tour, its popularity cannot be denied. There are a lot of visitors or tourists who come to this place to enjoy the fun of taking pictures with upside down photo spots. In addition, because social media is also currently growing rapidly, this location is becoming more easily popularized by tourists who have just visited there.

Before being in Jogja, Upside Down World was already present on the Island of the Gods, Bali. Besides Bali, previously there were also in Taiwan and Malaysia. Of course, the presence of Upside Down World in Jogja will increase the variety of tourism for tourists who happen to want to explore Yogyakarta. So that tourists who come from Jogja and its surroundings do not need to go all the way to Bali just to take pictures with an inverted concept like this.

Another unique thing about the Hunfot Place in Sleman is that the objects that become ornamentation or become facilities for taking pictures are original objects. So that the photos will indeed be more realistic and more interesting. However, there is no need to worry about being hit by objects mounted on the ceiling, because all the furniture must have been arranged with the safety of the visitors in mind.

In addition, at each photo spot there are also experienced officers so that visitors who have difficulty determining the style or pose of a photo can ask for directions from the officer. The officer will give directions in accordance with the background of the photo because the officer is an expert in his field. Your photos will also look good and fit.

Upside Down World Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket Prices

This new tourist attraction, which is a variety of photo spots, is certainly not free, because the facilities and services from Upside Down World Jogja are quite good. You will be charged an entry fee which is quite affordable. For adults, an entrance ticket of IDR 80,000 will be charged, while for children whose height is less than 135 cm, an entrance ticket will be charged IDR 40,000.

Every visitor who pays the entrance ticket has the right to enjoy all the photo spots in Upside Down World without any additional costs. You can visit there from 10.00 am to 19.00 pm. So that the exploration time in this tourist attraction is quite long for each visitor. Because it closes at 19.00, this location is also still suitable for Night Photo Spots in Jogja.

Photo Spots at Upside Down World Yogyakarta

Photo Spots at Upside Down World YogyakartaThere are so many photo spots in Upside Down World Jogja. Here are some explanations.

  • 3D Spacewhich is a room with lots of 3D paintings on the walls and is perfect for unique photos with different characters.
  • living roomwhich is a photo booth like in the family room at home but its position is reversed.
  • dinning roomwhich is an inverted dining room with a unique and interesting arrangement.
  • Master bed roomwhich is a photo place like a bedroom with an upside down arrangement.
  • Kids roomwhich is a children’s area or children’s play area arranged upside down as well.
  • Kitchenwhich is like a kitchen upside down.
  • Laundry roomwhich is filled with the washing machine and other washing equipment in an inverted position.
  • bathroomwhich is a room like a bathroom with an inverted position so that it becomes unique.

Those are some photo spots in this tourist attraction. Given that the existing photo spots do have a unique and different concept, you certainly need to be more creative and innovative so that the photos are satisfying and also seem real. So that when you go home there are lots of funny and unique photos that can be used as unique and different mementos.

Location Upside Down World Yogyakarta

The location of Upside Down World Jogja is on Jalan Ring Road Utara No. 18, Maguwoharjo, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This location includes a location that is very easy to visit and around there are indeed several other tourist attractions so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on the way there. The location is opposite Indomaret Casa Grande. You will definitely find it easy.

Those are some explanations about Upside Down World Jogja that need to be visited, especially for those of you who like unique and interesting photo spots. Also know some lesser-known tourist attractions in Jogja that are suitable for those of you who don’t really like crowds. Hope it is useful.

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