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Turkey’s Isa Bey Mosque, Two Dome Mosque Between Temple And Church

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Travel Directory – The Isa Bey Mosque which was built in 1374-75 is a very old and very fascinating architectural art work that still exists from the Anatolian beyliks. This mosque is within the borders of Ayaslug Hill in Selcuk, Izmir.

Turkey's Isa Bey Mosque, Two Dome Mosque Between Temple And Church

The Isa Bey Mosque is on the west side of the town of Selçuk, at the St. Jean Caddesi and 2040 Sokak. Standing only 300 meters. from the ruins of the Temple of Artemis and 250 mtr. from the entrance to the Basilica of St. Saint John.

Among the rows of interesting picnic names in Turkey, there is one mosque that is quite popular with Muslim tourists, you know. But not the Suleymaniye Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, but this mosque is the Isabey Mosque which in Turkish is described by Isabey Camii.

This mosque may not be as famous as other mosques, but most of the many Muslim tourists also set aside to visit here because they want to know about the history and antique architectural forms.

Being in the church and temple is what makes this mosque even more stunning so that many tourists are moved to come.

History of Isa Bey Mosque Turkey

The mosque is named after its eponymous founder – Isa Bey – part of the ruling family in the place. He belonged to the Aydinid dynasty (tr. Aydinogullari), who ruled in what is described as a beylik (such as a Turkic space kingdom) on the Aegean coast of Asia Minor. Their capital is the first in Birgi, as well as – in Selcuk.

History of Isa Bey Mosque Turkey

In both cities, a number of architectural monuments from this historical time have been preserved, and the Isa Bey Mosque is the greatest representative.

According to the inscription placed on the building, its construction was completed in 1375. The architect responsible for the construction of the mosque was amlı Dımışklıoğlu Ali. The Seljuk origins of the buildings are evident in Arabic ornamentation, faience mosaics, historical tall western portals, and special decorations.

Therefore because of the earthquakes that hit the Selçuk region in 1653 and 1668, the mosque was badly crushed. One of the 2 towers fell completely, and the second – fell over the height of its balcony. , a number of pillars surrounding the courtyard were destroyed. In the 19th century, the destroyed mosque was used as a caravan.

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With funds provided by the Directorate General of Foundations, a complete renovation of the mosque was carried out in 1975. Since then it has been open to loyal Muslims and tourists. Another building completion took place in 2005.

Beautiful Architecture Isa Bey Mosque Turkey

The Isa Bey Mosque has two special entrances, heading east and heading west and contains a fountain field. The west wall has inscriptions and engraved geometric shapes. These walls are covered with marble.

Beautiful Architecture Isa Bey Mosque Turkey

And the faade on some of its surviving parts is made of cut stone. Formed asymmetrically on a 48-by-56-meter (157 by 184 ft) base. The dome rim has a diameter of 9.4 meters. (31 feet) and 8.1 meters. (27 ft), decorated with Iznik (Nicaea) tiles.

Twelve round pillars stood in the courtyard that was rounded by the terrace. The brick tower was built on an octagonal base, and the upper part of the balcony was destroyed.

The mosque has another minaret to the west, which is completely destroyed today. The mihrab (alcove or altar) was moved to another mosque, because the door was opened there. There is an octagonal Seljuk turbe made of stone and brick, with a pyramid-shaped roof, according to the side of the mosque.

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What makes the Isa Bey Mosque antique is that it has an asymmetrical shape. Unlike the mosque which was built in an ancient style, the position of the windows, doors, and domes are different. Interestingly, the columns in this mosque are not from the original construction.

They are from a number of ruins originally at Ephesus and the Temple of Artemis that was placed into the building. There are twelve of these columns around the page. Marble is formed with geometric models and calligraphy writing. The dome is decorated with turquoise and blue faience, conveying the personality of the Ottoman style.

Top things to watch at the Isa Bey Mosque

* This mosque is located under the fort in Selcuk near St. Basilica. John. It calculates 51m (153 ft) by 57m (171 ft) tall yards.

Top things to watch at the Isa Bey Mosque

* The mosque consists of 2 lateral aisles which are covered with 2 domes in the middle. The brick tower that lives on the north side has an octagonal base. The western faade is covered in marble, shaped with beautiful geometric designs and calligraphic inscriptions.

* Inside is a mihrab and tribune, both made of marble, and painted turquoise tiles on the dome. The interior columns are Classic, from some local debris.

* The mosque today has one minaret, made of bricks in an octagonal design. It was later decorated with a second tower, which was not rebuilt after an earthquake in the 17th century. Around the mosque stands an octagonal Seljuk grave made of stone and brick, with a pyramid-shaped roof.

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* Inner courtyard with fountain is surrounded by 12 columns. The pillars were brought here from the ruins of ancient Ephesus. The west wall is decorated with carved inscriptions and geometric shapes. The walls are lined with marble, and the adjoining faade that remains is made of cut stone.

Isa Bey Mosque

The Isa Bey Mosque which was built in 1374-75 is a very old and very fascinating architectural work of art that still exists from the Anatolian beyliks. This mosque is within the borders of Ayaslug Hill in Selcuk, Izmir.

* Available in: Izmir, Turkey

* Address : Atatürk Mh., St. Jean Cd., 35920 Selçuk / zmir, Turkey

* Length: 56m

* Width: 48m

* Province: zmir

* Region: Aegean Region

* Architectural style: Islamic architecture, Seljuk architecture

* Material: Ashlar, Marble, Brick

* Out of Form: Years 1374-75

Google Maps Isa Bey Mosque Turkey

Tips for Visitors to Turkey’s Isa Bey Mosque

The mosque is open to visitors except for prayer times. During your visit, remember to behave according to the decisions made to guests: take off your shoes at the entrance to the Isa Bay mosque in Turkey, wear a modest shirt and, in the case of women, cover your hair. Tourists can visit only one aspect of the interior.[]

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