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Trends in Japan But Less Liked in Korea, This Hairstyle Becomes the Conversation of Netizens | Breadcrumbs

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A netter shared an upload on an online community with the title “The most popular female style in Japan but not in Korea” and then continued to write “the symbol of innocence in Japan is short cut/bob cut not like Korea. Our country might consider it boyish or childish but in Japan, they think of him as innocent and fragile?…”

Korean netizens were also busy commenting:

1. Their hair is pretty~

2. But for wavy hair, taking care of a short cut is even more miserable… it’s also a hassle to have to dry your hair every day… if you don’t dry it, it won’t look good. If you have a slim chin, a short cut will look pretty.

3. I want to try it but I can’t make myself commit

4. All the photos are beautiful

5. If it suits me, I’ll get it too, but it doesn’t even suit me one bit for me

6. I’m serious about getting pushed but hard to commit… also my face has to support this

7. Hirosue Ryoko’s short hair is pretty

8. You need a slim face to do a short haircut like this

9. I always find short hairstyles like this beautiful

10. So pretty, but I can’t do it for me

11. It’s only possible if you’re very pale, have a long neck and a small face… especially for a short bob, it’s hard to do

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