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Tips and Info on Heritage Tourism in Ternate, North Maluku

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Exploring Panorma The Beauty of Heritage Tourism Tolukko Fort on Ternate Island, North Maluku

Tourism Directory – Historical tourism objects at the Tolukko Fort and the Ternate Sultanate Palace are popular holiday destinations in the old town of Ternate Island, North Maluku.

The Maluku Islands have been known as a spice producer for hundreds of years. It is said that according to historical records, spices are one of the most valuable merchandise in this area. In the colonial era, the results of spices in these islands had invited Europeans to Maluku in the 16th century.

Tips and Info on Heritage Tourism in Ternate, North Maluku

The two nations are, Spain and Portugal which are European nations that once fought for influence in the North Maluku area. The Portuguese occupied the island of Ternate and the Spanish occupied the island of Tidore.

Traces of the Portuguese in Ternate still exist today. There are four Portuguese heritage forts which have become one of the heritage tourism objects, namely Fort Tolukko. This small fort has a size of 30 x 14 meters with a capacity of 160 people and was built in 1540 by Francisco Serrow, and the position of this fort faces the Halmahera strait. It is said that this fort was built to block enemies who came from the eastern side of Ternate.

From the heritage tourism information found at the location, Fort Tolukko is a fort built by the Portuguese in the early 16th century when they were trying to colonize the island of Ternate. And this fort was built in a very strategic place, where we can see the whole of Ternate Island.

This Tolukko Fort heritage tourist spot is a symbol of masculinity and power attached to the architectural style of this fort that can be seen from above. The location of Tolukko Fort is in Sangadji Village, North Ternate District, Ternate City, North Maluku Province.

Tips and Info on Heritage Tourism in Ternate, North Maluku

And through these spots, we can see Ternate Island from a height which will remind us that this island is a very small island. Because the island is only 45 km away. And if we go around this island by using a motorized vehicle, it can be reached in +/- 1 hour to get around Ternate Island.

The interesting thing when we visit Ternate Island, it will remind us that this island once had an Islamic kingdom with the heyday of Ternate in the past.

Where the Kingdom of Ternate was once the largest kingdom in eastern Indonesia and became one of the most influential Islamic kingdoms in Indonesia along with the Aceh kingdom which controlled the western part of Indonesia and the Demak Kingdom which controlled the central part of Indonesia.

Information from the Tourist Directory, it is said that Ternate Island is the top of a mountain that emerges from under the sea, while the city of Ternate itself is on the slopes of a mountain called Mount Gamalama.

If we surround Ternate Island we will see the peak of Mount Gamalama which will always look beautiful wherever we stand. Although currently Ternate is not the capital city of North Maluku province, some entertainment facilities and tourist attractions are still far from being available in Ternate than in Safifi, which is the current capital of North Maluku.

Ternate travel tips and info that the Travel Directory can provide for friends and readers who are going on vacation trips on Ternate Island, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and easy to absorb sweat, because this city has a hot temperature.

Tips and Info on Heritage Tourism in Ternate, North Maluku

For those of us who are going to visit heritage attractions at the Ternate Sultanate Palace, what we need to pay attention to is to wear polite and appropriate clothes. Don’t forget to obey and follow the rules that have been set in the Ternate Sultanate Palace area. And most importantly, don’t forget to ask for permission to take photos of the objects in the palace.

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And lastly, when we talk with local residents and communities, then learn some words that are often used in their social language politely, and behave by always maintaining ethics and social norms so that we become guests who are liked by the community and local residents.

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To get to Ternate Island is very easy to reach via domestic and international flights. If from Jakarta we can make direct flights to Sultan Babullah airport, we can order airline tickets for flights that directly serve the flight route to Tertane.

And if the Travel Directory friends depart from other areas, then we can get them easily through online flight ticket bookings available through online sites.

Hopefully these tips and info on Heritage tourism in Ternate, North Maluku, can be an alternative for a fun vacation trip on Ternate Island with several tourist attractions that we can visit while on vacation in Ternate. Happy Holidays.[]

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