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These are the Fashion Trends in 2022 that are Influenced by Technological Developments

  • Share – Not many people realize that technological developments play a major role in trend movements fashion.

Technological developments not only move the trend rotation faster, but also encourage business actors fashionto be more adaptive and creative in creating fashion products that can meet people’s needs.

“Development trends and technology do have a fairly important influence on industrial development” fashion,” said Adi Rahardja, Head of Fashion & Lifestyle Shopee Indonesia at the event 3.3 Fashion Sale: Fashion Industry Development 2022which was held Monday (14/2/2022).

“Starting from all the ease of access and exposure to style fashion. Trend turnaround fashion It’s also getting faster,” he added, as quoted by PARAPUAN.

Even based on Shopee data, products fashion is one of the most sought after categories in marketplace this.

This also shows that technology is making it easier for people to get products fashion which is used to express himself through a style that stylish.

“Due to spending a lot of time at home, many people make style fashion them as a place to express themselves more freely by wearing bright colored clothes,” added Adi again

In line with that, Erich Al Amin, celebrity fashion stylistseeing that this time fashion has become a means for someone to be able to express themselves through outfit that he wore.

“I see that the fashion trend in 2022, people prefer something simple, like a white shirt, emerald green will also be in this year,” said Erich.

For millennials, they prefer to use cut out dresscargo pants and culottes are also still popular.

“Where, in 2022, it seems that people are starting to be more confident in using fashion items with bright and bold designs, motifs and colors,” added Erich.

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Interestingly, according to Erich, sometimes what is available in e-commerce also influence the movement of the trend fashion.

For example, shirts and culottes are two of the most popular products on Shopee.

Turns out, this is also driving the trend fashion Currently, it is more directed to styles that use shirts and culottes.

“In fact, often what is not sold in offline store, in fact there are e-commerce like Shopee. So it’s easier for us to get products for style,” added Erich.

More than that, according to Adi, from year to year, there is great potential for the industry fashion Indonesia to be able to continue to develop in the future, including 2022.

There is a high demand and style fashion society that is diverse and continues to change rapidly, of course creates its own challenges for activists fashion in Indonesia to be able to continue to work and be creative to produce the latest interesting fashion products.

This was conveyed by Cindy Hadi, Head of Marketing Communication This is April, who used technology and platforms e-commerce Shopee to market their products.

“For example, with the Shopee LIVE feature, which has contributed significantly to the sales and marketing of This Is April. More than that, this feature has also opened the gate of opportunity for This Is April to reach a wider market than before, especially in the digital realm,” said Cindy.

He conveyed again that using this feature could even increase revenue by 75 percent.

This also shows that the use of the right technology will really help develop a bigger fashion business.

Cindy also hopes that in the future, This is April can continue to follow trends fashion through the products offered and can be an inspiration for other fashion business people.

As e-commerce that also influences the movement of fashion trends, Shopee will also hold a 3.3 Fashion Sale campaign.

“This campaign is also clear evidence of Shopee’s commitment to always support fashion business players through the various initiatives and innovations that we present, for the better development of the Indonesian fashion industry,” said Adi.

The Shopee 3.3 Fashion Sale campaign will take place from February 14 to March 3, 2022.

This campaign will also provide a variety of innovations and initiatives in the categories fashion as well as various attractive offers that users can enjoy.

Starting from COD Free Shipping RP 0, 50% Discount + 50% Voucher to New Styles up to 50RB.

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