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These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make Goosebumps

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It’s extreme, but it can be a unique photo spot…

Who does not know about land transportation, which is able to carry hundreds of passengers from one city to another. Yes, trains.

This cheap mode of transportation is one of the mainstays of Indonesian people who want to travel near or far distances. Those who don’t want to be exhausted must use this public transportation.

Currently the train is experiencing rapid progress. There were no longer any hawkers passing by in each carriage. In fact, all Economy, Business, and Executive class trains are equipped with air conditioning (AC).

But, you know, there is something interesting about this train. This time about railroad crossings in Indonesia. If you have the guts, try visiting and feel the sensation of seeing a train at the following crossing:

1. Madiun, East Java

Besides being famous for its pecel, you can find train tracks like the photo above.

Go to Madiun Station, and ask about the schedule for the Pertamina Train that will go to the depot. The rail that is right next to the highway is an unusual sight for you, right? Especially when the train is passing.

2. Malang, East Java

PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make

The photo is in the area around Malang Kota Lama Station. Same as the first photo. This Pertamina Train will carry out refueling of fuel oil (BBM) to the depot.

The difference is, this train crosses densely populated settlements.

To get to this area, you have to go to the train tracks east of Malang Kota Lama Station. Later you will see a branching path to the right and left. The path to the right will lead to Malang Kota Baru Station. While the left lane will lead to the Pertamina Depot. So, take the path to the left.

3. Solo, Central Java

PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make

This photo is in the city of Solo, Central Java. If you happen to be in this city, you should stop by Jalan Slamet Riyadi.

You can immediately see the railroad tracks next to the highway. This trajectory is quite extreme. Because the rail crossing is still actively used by passenger trains,

Among them is the Batara Kresna Railbus Train for the Solo-Wonogiri route.

4. Special Region of Yogyakarta

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PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make Goosebumps

Jogjakarta also has a very unique and extreme railroad crossing. The location is in the Pengok Yasa Hall.

You can ask the route to Balai Yasa Pengok, which is east of Lempuyangan Station. The train traffic here is quite busy. Because this crossing is used as a route to the place, which is called the workshop of locomotives and train cars.

So, don’t be surprised if you see locomotives running with or without carriages, passing through the area.

5. Surabaya, East Java

PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make

The next extreme railway crossing is in Surabaya, East Java. Precisely in Dupak Market. This area is also known as the Dupak Triangle Crossing.

You will find vendors selling their wares near the railroad crossing. When the siren of the crossing sounded, the merchants rushed to get rid of some of their wares so that the trains could pass.

Not only traders. This track coincides with residential areas. The horror is that the trains that pass here are pretty fast. So, you have to stay alert, okay?

If you don’t believe me, you can watch the video uploaded by Aldio Yudha Trisandy at

6. Semarang, Central Java

PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make

Next up is the inverting triangle in Semarang, Central Java. Precisely on Hasanudin Street, the area around Semarang Poncol Station. The path here is used as a place to turn around.

If the position of the train from Jakarta is like the picture above, then when the train returns to Jakarta, the position will also be the same as above. The train won’t go backwards. Because the driver uses the triangular trajectory to turn.

7. Surabaya, East Java

PHOTO PARADE: These 7 Railroad Tracks in Indonesia Make

Finally, you can visit around Surabaya Gubeng Station, on the Sidotopo line.

If you are lucky, you can find locomotives, freight cars and passengers passing by in this area.

You can see it through the video uploaded by Wahyu Dewantara on

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