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The uniqueness of Playa del Amor, a hidden beach in the Marieta Islands

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Beaches are usually easy to find because of their open location. But unlike Playa del Amor, this beach is hidden in one of the Marieta Islands.

The Marieta Islands are located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Playa del Amor itself is believed to have been formed centuries ago due to volcanic activity in the area.

During the 1900s, the Mexican government took advantage of the uninhabited island of Marieta as a place to conduct military tests. Over the years, research and efforts to protect nature at Marieta have established a rule that no one is allowed to fish, hunt, and other dangerous human activities.

To this day, the Marieta Islands are indeed uninhabited. It is said that several explosions that occurred there have damaged millions of flora and fauna. But the bombing is also thought to have played a role in the formation of The Hidden Beach in Marieta.

As reported by Oddity Central, this amazing place can only be accessed via a 24 meter long tunnel. Visitors who want to go there even have to swim to dive without assistance because there is around a six meter long area of ​​​​space full of water.

Most people couldn’t believe there was a place like Playa del Amor when photos of its natural beauty spread on the internet. Here are some proofs of the uniqueness of Playa del Amor, a hidden beach in the Marieta Islands




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