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The difference between Paris Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Show which is crowded on social media

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno in press briefing Yesterday, March 7, 2022 quoted from the Kemenparekraf YouTube channel said that for all local creative products that want go globally, Kemenparekraf will always support.

On social media, there is a lot of discussion about a number of local brands participating fashion week 2022 is considered unreal and not part of fashion week the official one. On twitter, even the hashtag fashionweek2022 became trending topic and was tweeted more than 40,000 times.

In response to this, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said: press briefing Yesterday, March 7, 2022, quoted from the Kemenparekraf youtube channel, saying that for all local creative products that want to go global, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will always support.

“Creative economy products that want to go global or go global, we facilitate. We have the task and function to open up space and opportunities so that there will be more winners after this pandemic,” said Sandiaga Uno. Sandiaga Uno also said that Indonesian products were in demand in the world market. Including fashion products that are in great demand in Europe, especially at Paris Fashion Week.

He continued, Kemenparekraf then saw that many original Indonesian creative and creative products that opened more than 20 million jobs were present there. “This is part, the order, of the preparation for the new post-pandemic economy. In essence, we support all Indonesian products so that they can inspire a speedy recovery and open up global market opportunities,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Meanwhile, the National Creative Economy Movement (Gekrafs) provided clarification on the claims of local Indonesian brands to participate in Paris Fashion Week 2022. Chairman of the Bakominfo DPP Gekrafs Riefian Fajarsyah or known as Ifan Seventeen explained about Indonesian brands flying to Paris.

According to him, the local brand appeared at the Gekrafs Paris Fashion Show, which was held during the Paris Fashion Week 2022 schedule. “Well, the problem is why so many Indonesian brands that are not related to fashion can go there? through curation?” Ifan said in a video uploaded to his Instagram account on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

He said that there was nothing wrong with the event held by Gekrafs. The reason is that around the Paris Fashion Week schedule, many events are held fashion show.

“So actually designers and brands that appear at Paris Fashion Week organized by FHCM have many requirements as well as curation. Due to the large number of enthusiasts and fashion lovers from all over the world who go to Paris to watch, around the Paris Fashion Week of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) is a lot of fashion show events too,” he explained.

So in fact, local Indonesian brands that participated in the Gekrafs event were not included in the PFW 2022. “But it’s not at the Paris Fashion Week event from FHCM, that’s why we name it Gekrafs Paris Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week, and we have implemented it and we said and it has become an SOP for brands and designers who participate through Gekrafs,” said Ifan.

The chairman of the Bakominfo DPP Gekrafs said that the officer from the Indonesian brand who went to Paris was wrong in conveying information about his participation in the 2022 PFW.

The event is off schedule from Paris Fashion Week, cause for on schedule only dedicated to local brand Paris, while brands outside Paris are required to make their own show with the standards that apply at Paris Fashion Week.

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